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    Let’s talk about Tim Pool, so what do you guys think of him and channels, Timcast, Timcast IRL, and Cast Castle?


    Tim Pool’s okay although I agree with Chris Gore that Tim is Chicken Little. I mostly like and enjoy Cast Castle.


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    Tim Pool reaches a ton of people. I consider him a milquetoast fence-sitter, but it’s not true, the guy has street courage. Tim Pool reaches people with key information, so I am grateful to Tim Pool. There are some people that I follow but hardly ever watch and he is one of them. I like his serious delivery.


    Yep. Also, what you think of his other channels?


    His is a good interviewer and puts on informative shows. He has some journalist chops and I think he is not so much a fence sitter as just someone who tries to be unbiased.

    We are so accustomed to activists masquerading as journalists that shill opinion instead of fact when we see someone not do that we find it odd.



    2 years ago I would watch all his daily videos. Then he kinda changed a little. He stopped having his own opinions on many issues… was all like this:
    “I think that might be red… but I dunno, maybe it’s blue, who knows”
    All the time… so I got tired of it. But he is a good guy, decent skateboard skills. But I just don’t have time to watch his videos and in the end not finding any firm opinion lol

    I prefer listening to Bret Weinstein, Joe Rogan, Bill Maher, Crowder, or even the Quartering. xD
    It doesn’t mean I always agree with what they say, but at least they are not afraid of expressing their own opinions.



    Who needs Ayahuasca when you have Alex Jones?
    Whe needs peyote when you have Alex Jones?


    New DC Comic Has Superman Fighting ANTI-VAXXERS
    Timcast IRL
    Tim, Ian, and Lydia join friend and fellow podcaster Jack Posobiec to preview a new comic that has Superman fighting unvaccinated people.

    Guest: Jack Posobiec

    Tim Pool reaches cab drivers and working people. Him and I think Stew Peters were ones mentioned that are getting information out. The smart guys I know are always surprised when fellow workers know stuff and Tim Pool is the gateway, many times. Thing that amuses me about Tim Pool is that he is so serious with all that gravitas as he hops off of his skateboard and dons a fresh beanie in order to bring you the hard hitting news from his recording studio.

    Was funny when he has Alex Jones on and everyone in chat was saying, “Shut Up, Ian.”


    From the conservative commentators I think he is one lf the weakest. He seems like a beta who struggles to differentiate reality from movies, as he uses movie plot points as serious arguments in debates. Also, every time I see him debate someone who actually is smart, he ends up looking like a clown


    I think he might have peaked when he was on Joe Rogan and Jack Dorsey. That was a pretty good interview. I listen to him here and there when a video topic grabs my attention.

    Also, dude, you are inside, you can take off the beanie 🥵


    10/15. October 15th I think Nerdrotic Gary said he was going on Tim Pool’s show. Tim Pool manages to reach normies maybe like no other person and he talks about tangible subjects. I am not a listener, but have to give Tim Pool a ton of credit, as I think that he comes from a place that most people can relate to. A problem with being red-pilled is that you see the world so vastly different, that I can’t relate to normies anymore. This is a skill that Tim Pool still has: he reaches the normie. I appreciate Tim Pool. And he has Nerdrotic on in 2 weeks.


    The behind the scenes episode with Alex Jones on the castle channel was fun to watch. Tim Pool was formally a democrat like Dave Rubin. Well, to be more accurate, perhaps both Tim and Dave were more aligned with classical liberalism as opposed leftist progressivism. In regards to that, I’m pretty cool with classical liberalism. It sort of looks like Tim plays it safe similar to David Crowder and Dennis Prager. But regardless, all of these guys are able to educate people. Not everyone can be identical to Alex Jones and Joe Rogan. Tim is probably waking up leftists all of the time.



    on #TimcastIRL 7pm PST

    FNT is on right now. Tonight, Gary Nerdrotic is on Tim Pool’s show.

    Nerdrotic just said that the Tim Pool organization is very professional and flew him out and put him up in a hotel and drove him around or private sedan and limo, so tonight, Gary gets to be the turd in the Tim Pool.


    Why does it say 7 pst?

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