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      Whether you agree with folks like Pool, Rogan, Russel Brand etc is not important. Their importance cannot be overstated because they are the ONLY places where real conversation is happening. And we need this more than anything right now.

      Sitting down and talking together (in spite of any differences), flushing out the issues and finding common ground on a path to a solution is how societal problems get solved. And I am not referring to the abomination that is government.


        I watch Tim. I think he has some good things to say and does some good things. He is one of the far more truthful people in media. However, he certainly has a problem with people countering him though…..

        There is also the other side where people come all that way to go on his show and get sent home because of ridiculous reasons, such as needing to go to the bathroom during the live steam.

        Then there is the “firing” of Adam Crigler. Which I am going to assume was for more ridiculous reasons, because a few things have seeped through the cracks about it over time. Adam was also told to stop calling his channel “Adam Cast”, which is just flat out childish of Tim imo. Adam is a GREAT guy for being so quiet and non-drama about it, but he has reason to be a bit bitter if you ask me.

        If I were a Youtuber, I’d probably not go on Tim’s show. I could see myself mouthing off to Tim for one of his childish rules. I respect that it is his show, but that doesn’t mean I want to participate. I’d got on Friday Night Tights though. :)


        Have you ever tried to host a show or do stand-up comedy? It is very difficult. It’s not easy to do what any of these to youtubers do. Not sure about you, but I don’t even listen to Tim Pool, but here are only a handful of thinkers out there at any given time. It feels like everyone and anyone can do what they do and while that is true, it’s really very few people that make it to the top. I preferred Tim Pool when he did more of a Styx or Ramzpaul format and just talked about a subject like Ryan or the Quartering does. Doing a streaming show with a team is a totally different thing and one that I am not into as much.


        My how Marvel has fallen.



        And there you go. He’s bigger than Marvel. I am surprised. I don’t listen. Tune in to the Nerdrotic show and was really impressed with Ian. I love when people tell Ian to shut up but Ian is a smart guy with his lasers and graphene. People talk about Late Night and how Gutfield beats Fallon and Kimmel, but it would not surprise me if Tim Pool beats all of them. To watch mainstream news now is to be asleep and in the dark. The real intel is on alternative news sites. Even youtube and twitter are severely censored.

        Timcast IRL – Lori Lightfoot Calls Police Insurrectionists For Refusing Vax Mandate w/Sean Spicer
        Timcast IRL


        Timcast IRL – Deranged Leftist Netflix Employees Attack Dave Chappelle Fan w/Jack Posobiec

        Timcast IRL

        I will not post that often, but I like Jack. I almost posted the guy yesterday to point out how he was out of touch to try to edify Bari Weiss as if she has any credibility, but didn’t bother because he was boring and it was about CNN. Casually, I am a fan of Jack Poso, I guess. I do not go to his twitter that often, but I like the guy. Solid dude.

        Neither Mahr nor Stewart were any good at stand-up. Neither one made it in Hollywood. They finally made it in niche tv.


        Ethan Van Sciver mentioned he watched Nerdrotic Gary on Tim Pool. EVS said he’d love to go on Tim Pool and talk about comics and culture. He just some with Dana Loesch on the subject. Van Sciver would be a good guest for Tim Pool.

        Ethan Van Sciver Gives Further Insight Into Why He Supports Comicsgate And How The Comic Book Industry Is Being Destroyed From Within


        My Experience on Tim Pool’s Show! #TimcastIRL

        Nerdrotic Daily

        *Wrong date on video!* This was aired on the 25th. My bad! – Pierry, ND Editor


        I have never seen Tim Pool like this before. This is what is needed. Unless people get to this level, they just won’t get it. You have to have that sense of urgency and immediacy.

        FBI Leaks Project Veritas’ Private Communications To NYT, This Is A HUGE Scandal

        Tim, Ian, and Lydia join friend and founder of Power The Future Daniel Turner to express concern about the rank corruption being exposed by the information the FBI acquired from Project Veritas


        Haven’t watched this yet. Before video, an ad played that said a HALO series show is coming from Paramount Pictures.

        Drew Hernandez and Michael Malice are relatively new to me, but both go hard on twitter. Don’t get a chance to watch as much as I used do, but also caught a smidgen of latest GeeksandGamers stream and it was good, made me think and made me laugh.

        Timcast IRL – Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Blaire White, Michael Malice & DrewHLive Join The Crew LIVE

        Tim to Alex, “why are you yelling” ???
        Malice to Tim, “that’s how Alex always talks”
        😂🤣😂🤣 I was in hysterics easily a dozen times during this show. Another great moment was when Rogan told Ian to stop the hippy crap

        This is pretty cool and I don’t think this ever would have happened if we weren’t in such a dire situation many of these people don’t agree, and yet you’ve got these big personalities happy to be in a cramped RV legit feeling like an underground meeting.


        Tim Pool showed up at end of third hour, but was here in 4th hour, so here is Tim Pool on the Alex Jones show. I am a big fan of teamwork, so to see Tim Pool interact with all these people is encouraging.


        he’s going to be on Joe Rogan these days I think


        So anybody hear about all the crazy stuff happening to Tim lately? 2 swattings, 2 major DDOS attacks, someone broke onto his property, among other things. Say what you want about him, but it really does look like someone is trying to shut him up.


        I heard. And whoever is screwing with him must have been a cronie.


        @OlympianProduct and @VinzingerG Thanks for sharing your eyes and minds on this situation. You are both probably right. Or, it could be, welcome to business in America. They always say, “if you don’t like it, go start your own.” Tim Pool is pulling in higher ratings than major news stations probably and because Tim Pool is too successful, the big dogs are attacking him MIGHT be the case. “Competition is a sin” is the real motto of the industrial media tyrants. Network news got mad when the internet took off, then they thought Big Tech would be like the Big three networks and now, they are trying to take out individuals who got bigger and more successful independently.

        But, the insider take is a good one. A former colleague.

        Both Tim Pool and Andrew Torba have that in common. Went on their own and everyone ganging up on them.

        Timcast IRL – NYC Arrests CHILD Over Vax Passport, UK ENDS Passports w/Gab CEO Andrew Torba

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