Tire marks on the street now considered a “hate crime”

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    Big shout out to The Salty Army here for covering this strange story.  In Canada it seems if you leave a tire mark on the street over one of their rainbow crossing walks you can be charged with a hate crime!  You’re going to do some real jail time for such a hateful deed.  lol  Are you fucking kidding me?  Nope.

    I have always known Canada to be a progressive breeding ground but everyday I wake up seems like a new height to their bullshit.  If you don’t want tire marks on your rainbow flag then stop painting them on the God damn streets!

    There is a reason we don’t paint symbols that deserve respect on places people walk or drive.  It is almost like they are totally 100% brain dead.

    Here is an idea, fuck you and fuck your rainbow flag!  Yep, fuck your rainbow flag!  It is now being used as a symbol of fascists and bullies.  If you told me the rainbow flag would stand for the very thing to user in a new age of fascism I would have laughed at you.   Now I am seeing it with my own eyes!


    Don’t tread on me! No step on snake!


    I have family in Canada.  Canada used to be so nice.  Now it is insane.  Liberals.  That is all you need to know.

    Liberals destroy everything and entire societies.


    Air is now considered racist…Screenshot_20200624-183805_DuckDuckGo


    I’d like to take a shit on that.

    Really they do all this retarded bullshit and then wonder why LGBT acceptance as a whole has been decreasing in the last few years.


    I think the y-tube from Dr. Steve Turley describes it best.

    HYPOCRITIAL leftists SHOCKED the BLM Murals are Being DEFACED and DESTROYED!!!

    The toxic Left thinks they can destroy and subvert OUR History and OUR Heritage, and can’t believe people would bush back from their BS.


    They don’t want to live with the same standards they want everyone else to live by.

    Where are the SPECIAL crosswalks for Hetero’s?

    Where are the SPECIAL crosswalks for Husband’s and Fathers?

    Where are the SPECIAL crosswalks for Wive’s and Mother’s?

    Where are the SPECIAL crosswalks for those who Protect and Serve (Police, Fire, EMS, Doctors/Nurses)?

    Where are the SPECIAL crosswalks for everyone else?


    Giving SPECIAL attention to one section and not everyone else is showing HATE to everyone else, IMO.

    Giving consideration must be applied to ALL, or NONE.

    Afterall, we are One Nation, One People. Stop this “divide and conquer” war mentality of the Toxic left.


    Q: Do you know what’s not racist according to Google?

    A: Communism and socialism, but capitalism is racist





    As long as sane, normal people tolerate this stuff in the real world, it’s only going to get worse. Shrugs.

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