Titans Racist Casting

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    I will start with admitting that i’m in no way a DC comics expert, in fact i haven’t read one comic with Tim Drake in it yet

    Still, this is f***ing annoyin!!

    And i am not annoyed at the race swapping, no, i am annoyed that they changed Tim Drakes backstory, and i have’t even read the backstory yet 😂

    So, to recap, WB cast a black actor as Tim to virtue signal, and same WB changed Tim’s backstory from being a rich kid to a street kid…. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Seriously, you can’t have a black man come from a rich background? He has to be a street kid? Are these people seriously that f***ing racist?!?

    Sorry, i don’t usually give a crap about sexist this racist that, but this is the most hypocritical and racist thing i’ve ever heard in the 21st century

    And i also would’ve liked to see a comic accurate, or at least inspired (ex: Vision’s origin comic vs Age Of Ultron), origin story of Tim Drake on screen and get to know the character!

    I feel bad for the actor who got cast too, looking at the side by side pics of him and Tim Drake, with the costume and hair style he could really look the part, he also looks half black half white, i think he could easily play characters from lots of different racial backgrounds, and who knows, he might be a really good actor and just right for the part, but crappy marketing and SJWs have to make everything about virtue signalling and piss off the fans


    This show was screwed the minute they miscast Starfire, and the bullshit that got stirred up around that. They lost me then, and I’m glad I never tuned in for its hot mess.

    Back when they first announced a live action “Teen” Titans, I was excited. Course, this was before the woke contagion was truly known, so back then I had no idea it was going to be this piece of shit show. You want a half decent recent take on Teen Titans, watch Young Justice. Tim Drake is Tim Drake when he appears, and everyone else is pretty spot on.


    It is only “racists” if a white actor/actress replaces a non-white character.

    Replacing a white-character with a non-white actor/actress is perfectly OK with the SJW’s.


    But since we call it out for what it is, this IS A RACIST move.

    Instead of creating their own characters, they have to remove any white characters.


    We see that happening in the Batman comics, where Bruce Wayne aka Batman is being replaced by Lucas Fox (now has Wayne’s fortunes-illegally, but that is another issue) while it is Fox’s son (who used to be Batwing) who now wears the cape and cowl of Batman.  (Just like the TV show bat-Wah-man now has a non-white actress in the title role).


    @Roas, thanks for the recommendation, Young Justice’s been on my watchlist for a while, guess i’m gonna start watching it sooner rather than later :3

    On Titans, Starfire’s actually one of the castings that wasn’t a miss for me, even though it’s a bit of a different take on the character (i grew up watching Teen Titans) her acting’s good and i enjoy her performance, i also really like Beast Boy and Hawk in it

    The casting i like the least in this show is Raven, i know the actress is just a kid and has a lot of time to gain experience and improve, but i’m sorry, some scenes are just painfull to watch…

    The show in general, i really liked season 1, exept the finale, it was a real let down imo, season 2 mostly sucked with a couple of good episodes here and there, season 3 the one thing i’m looking forward to is Blackfire, i think she’s a good villain and’ll be able to make the show more interesting


    If what you say is true racism is an appropriate word. If they left the backstroy alone you could just chalk it up to another race swap, but no… they changed both for a reason. Why does Tim Drake even need to be in Titans anyway?

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