Tomi Lahren: Men are Trash

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    And women really wonder why men are refusing to get married now???  Feminism rots a woman’s mind.  Professional female political commentator Tomi Lahren took to social media Tuesday to pontificate that “men are trash” and she is declaring “the summer of canceling boys,” expressing frustration at herself and her millennial female friends’ inability to secure a suitable male partner.

    Guy’s women just aren’t worth it and this is proof right here.


    Most of my friends married ugly girls just because they have a vagina and most of them still have marital problems unrelated to their looks. Men’s standards tend to be greatly lower than women’s standards, as 80% of women are only attracted to 10% of men or something like that. I married one that was above average, but she ended up dumping me and taking my kid whom I haven’t seen for eight years even though I’ve been paying child support. Women complain that men have unrealistic standards when it comes to women but that goes both ways.


    I think what is noticeable can be found in what she said.  I am paraphrasing but something to the effect all my friends who are “24-36” are having problems finding men.  Let see.   Let’s say those women became eligible to marry between 2004 and 2020.   What happened between 2004 and 2020?  That would equate to the time frame when this radical feminist agenda in America took hold and when people like Christine Ford started lying about rape.

    I will argue it is not the men at all.  Men really haven’t changed much except for the pussified beta males out there.   I think women are the ones who have changed and it .hasn’t been for the better either.   It is downright dangerous to be a male in America in 2020.  You can lose everything due to a woman.


    Don’t feel bad.  You are not alone.  The bias against men is quite noticeable if a person actually takes a step back and looks.

    Unsheltered Homeless (2009)
    Women – 12,000 – 4%
    Men – 240,000 – 96%

    Life Expectancy (2006)
    Women – 80.8 Years
    Men – 75.7 Years

    Suicides (2008)
    Women – 7,585 – 19%
    Men – 28,450 – 81%

    Deaths by Homicide (2004)
    Women – 3,856 – 20%
    Men – 14,717 – 80%

    Deaths from Cancer (2004)
    Women – 269,819
    Men – 290,069

    Deaths from HIV/AIDS (2004)
    Women – 3,357
    Men – 8,756

    Federal Funds for Sex Specific Cancer Research
    Women – Breast Cancer – $631,000,000 – 40,000 Deaths
    Men – Prostate Cancer – $300,000,000 – 33,000 Deaths

    Deaths on the Job (2010)
    Women – 355 – 7%
    Men – 4,192 – 93%

    Injuries on the Job (2007)
    Women – 36%
    Men – 64%

    College Enrollment (2009)
    Women – 58% – 11,658,000
    Men – 42% – 8,770,000

    Affirmative Action Education Programs (Gender Specific)
    Women – Yes
    Men – No

    Unemployment Rates (2010)
    Women – 8.6% – 6,199,000
    Men – 10.5% – 8,626,000

    Average Hours Worked Per Week (2010)
    Women – 36.1
    Men – 40.2

    High School Graduation Rates (2005)
    Women – 72%
    Men – 65%

    Incarceration Rates (2009)
    Women – 114,979 – 7%
    Men – 1,502,490 – 93%

    Child Custody Rates
    Women – 11,268,000 custodial mothers
    Men – 2,907,000 custodial fathers

    US Military Deaths From 1950 – 2010
    Women – 139 – 0.001%
    Men – 100,063 – 99.99%

    Federally Funded Battered Shelters
    Women – 2,000+ $300,000,000 per year
    Men – None – $0

    Federally Funded Health Offices and Research 1970 – Present (not including cancer research)

    Women Only – Office, Projects and Programs 70+ – Funds – $100,000,000,000
    Men Only – None – $0

    Forced Selective Service
    Women – No
    Men – Yes

    Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Abuse Rates (2010)
    Women – 5.8%
    Men – 12.2%

    Divorce filings
    Women – 85%
    Men – 15%

    Doctor Degrees(2010)
    Women – 51.6%
    Men – 48.4%

    Master’s Degrees(2010)
    Women – 60.3%
    Men – 39.7%

    Receive Alimony
    Women: 97%
    Men: 3%


    One of the arguments I hear is that there are “where have all the good guys gone”, and there are no “financially viable men”.

    Hell, take away all of men’s good paying jobs = giving them to females, and finding a male with more income becomes hard.

    And those that make the money works in the trades, and it is socially unacceptable to AWALTs.

    They want to be made “equals” but still don’t want to be treated nor take responsibilities of being equal.

    No wonder MGTOW is the only solution to those bitches.

    Men are nothing but a “financial transaction” to them.

    They only love what they can get from a man, not the man himself.

    They will never know what true love means or feels like, because of how shallow and narcissistic they are.


    I tend to agree with you on this.  I am older.  I am 50 so I have dated a ton of women.  I am not a bad looking guy and when I was younger, I even did modeling and acting for a while while I was in graduate school.  I have only walked on one date in my entire life.  Ironically, it was with an unreal woman who was so pretty she literally made her living off of being a butt model.   She was so good looking she would go to swimsuit competitions around Atlanta and win them all.

    Anyhow, the reason why I walked out on her was on our first date she asked me how much I made.  She said to me, “Do you at least make $xx dollars.”.  I was so furious I got up, paid for dinner, and walked out.  The irony is that I made 6 times the number she quoted but that wasn’t the point.  The point is I was looking for real love and not the bullshit concept of love that most women have.

    Also, women lie to themselves a lot about “love.”  Tons of good guys out there with average jobs who do not make much money who would love them, but women don’t really want that kind of love.  In many ways, women are more superficial and materialistic than men could ever be.  Now it isn’t every woman who is like this, but it is more than we like to think.

    Hell, even in courtrooms there is the concept of keeping a woman in the lifestyle she is “accustomed to”.  I never knew it was my job to keep a woman into a certain lifestyle!!

    I look back on my date with her and she wasn’t a bad person.  I have nothing bad to say about her really.  I was just disappointed.  Women in many ways have been played by the media I think.  Little girls when they are young aren’t jerks.  Neither are little boys.  People learn this stuff.  I truly believe a generation or two of women have been completely misled by bullshit.   I mean really.  We have women in America like Oprah who are billionaires and she thinks she is “oppressed”.  That is insanity.  Women in America are the most catered to women on the face of this planet.  People need to travel if they think otherwise.

    I leave you with this.  Remember what Al Bundy said:

    “Son, don’t try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other.”


    Tomi and most of women like her (not ugly) , can date any guy they want, they just need to realize that perfect people don’t exist. Their standards are too high and they act like Karens all the time.

    Now I just feel bad for most guys that are stuck with modern feminists, that must be hell.

    Modern feminism and extreme lefties are messing up society and the most visible consequence is everyone behaving like little bitches all the time.

    My suggestion for single guys is: just have fun and get money for yourself, enjoy life. if you can’t find a good girl, don’t worry, MGTOW lifestyle is not bad at all, I almost went that way, but fortunately I found a good non-western girl hehe. Non western girls are not (yet) brainwashed by Hollywood, so most of them are still very decent. Asian women are awesome lol Just gotta choose wisely (educated ones from big cities).

    I hope western girls start to Smart up and refuse to being brainwashed. ;)



    She being as Trump support say this you libtard suck ass to i am now some kinda feminist


    When women are young, they have lots of options.  Especially, when they look as good as her.  But that doesn’t last.  You see this a lot in Hollywood.  Take Scarlett Johannsen.  She was smoking hot when she was younger and used her looks to gain fame and fortune.  So did Rose McGowan.  I can go down a list of women.  But when they are older they go the full-blown feminist route and claim women are used.

    Why is that?  I will tell you why.

    I have been an auditions.  Real ones.  You will walk into a room and see 100 smoking hot women going for one or two roles.  Now, what women like Scarlett and Rose see are young women doing EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID to gain fame and fortune.  They know their days are ultimately numbered.  Even someone as good looking as Scarlett Johannsen has a shelf life in Hollywood.  Everyone does.  But for women, it is much more pronounced.

    Tomi hasn’t learned the lesson that she will not always be as pretty as she is.  Eventually, attitude matters and right now her attitude sucks.  A smart guy knows it too.  I am willing to bet that is why she was dumped too (it is obvious she was either dumped or found out she was a side piece).

    Makes me wonder if she was dating someone in the NBA and the NBA came out with that rule where only people close to a player could go to the playoff games.  Maybe that is how she found out she was the side piece.

    Anyhow.  My two cents.  Damn, I am blowing my day off talking about bullshit on geeks and gamers.


    First wave…

    Second wave…

    Third wave…

    Forth wave…

    Heck, some places are already listing fifth wave BS.


    What I also found ironic is how many feminists sides with islam which treats their females the worst.

    So when that poster of “islam is right about woman” and ask a femimist why… they can’t because to answer would be anti-feminist or islamophobia.



    MGTOW is freedom.




    Tomi Lahren was never conservative.

    That is all.


    Shit like this is why I see my mental illness of aromantism as a blessing, I only need to care about myself and can live my life without the urge to impress women.


    That really is ironic.  I do not think American women understand Islam at all.  Right before 9/11, I had a contract to go work for Saudi Aramco in Dhahran.  To prepare for this contract, I studied Middle Eastern culture.  Women can literally get beat in public in many parts of the Middle East and it is completely legal.  Then there are the blood drains in towns.  These are used to carry away blood for executions and dismemberments.

    So many women in America live in a bubble.  They are clueless.  They really really are.

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