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      Well, like I mentioned earlier, after 30+ years remake or sequel is just semantics.

      But also like I mentioned we are all so staved for good entertainment that it only has to be not horrible to be a hit.

      It will never capture the original magic, that time has passed.  But it can still be a good movie and I hope it is.


        What “Magic” did the original have?

        It was a good fun movie with a great sound track. If any magic came from it, it is the memories of our youth for many people and that only comes from time. If this is good it might be that for this generation in time. If it can recapture our youth for us older farts then It might actually surpass the original, because it has been given magic over the years through our memories. We could give it to our kids and yes even grandkids we take to see it.


        Lets be honest, there is only a few movies that have the “It or Magic” that make them instantly magical an enduring. Wizard of Oz, Star Wars (original trilogy only) Any of the Peanuts Holiday specials, Rudolph, Frosty. It is a very short list of things that had what might be looked at as instant magic in them.



          OK… I have a tear in my eye and smile on my face and a damn good feeling in my heart….. I will respect people who want to go in unspoiled. But it was EVERYTHING I had hoped for. An excellent movie with just enough flashback / Call backs to remind us of the history. Music was good not the original good but still good none the less.


          This is a sequel that did not disappoint and 2 hours of just good story.

          I will say only one thing that is not a spoiler so now doubt when you see it I saw it…Who’s the better Pilot? Shes a nice woman lets not ruin it!  and btw, You better be able to Bullseye womp-rats with a t-16


            Funny, that kinda sounds like “magic”.  :)


              Not even close. It was not a disappointment and well done. But the Magic of instant like the ones I listed above <NO>. I also do not think it will have it in compare to the original. The original was only magical because like a fine Bourbon it aged well. This might be like a aged beef, good now but can spoil in time.


                Well to it’s credit the original (if I recall correctly) was super successful at the time in every way.  Slap a few decades of nostalgia on that and you have a classic with some magic.  Very difficult for a sequel to compare to that. But the fact you liked it lets me know I need to see it.  So thanks for that.


                  The success of the original was because of the times. It was a Patriotic movie in a time the nation was much less divided and much more patriotic. Libya was a problem and top gun took full advantage of that situation. We wanted Libya to be dealt with and it was onscreen and off screen. The politics of the time helped make TOP GUN what it was.


                  It also had stars when they were actually people to be looked up to (oh how the mighty have fallen, now we want them to shut the fuck up) Remember we had a major Star in the Presidency also. Good star power never hurt back then as they were not in your face and divisive like they are today.


                  If we really break the original down, the story was just ok, one we had all scene before. Its wisdom came in playing to a patriotic country, good looking cast, one of the best sound tracks regardless of the generation but most of all it was fun. 80’s movies seem to last through time because they were FUN. Hollywood has forgot how to write fun movies because all they care about now is AGENDA.


                  Tom is batcrap crazy to me but at least he still knows how to make fun movies people want to see.


                    Well you can break down any spectacular dish to it’s mundane ingredients.  The overall effect is the experience at the time was off the charts for that particular recipe of the times.

                    But I think the bar for movies has been dropped so low to have a hit at this point you just have not to completely suck.  Unfortunately for us Hollywood no longer makes entertainment they make propaganda.

                    I hope someone puts together something outside of Hollywood and makes something that rocks, that would tip the scales.


                    The movie was fantastic, the “magic” of it is that it’s just really fun to watch, which is just like the original. Neither movie have much plot, we don’t even know who the enemy pilots are. It’s just good action and good actors giving stellar performances. Miles Teller was the perfect choice for Rooster.

                    ** Small Spoilers** It has its flaws, like Hangman getting sidelined. And the finale seemed smaller scale than the original. But overall it was the Cobra Kai of movies. Perfectly balanced nostalgia.


                      “magic” = fun  in whatever form it comes

                      Sure, a great story can be fun but it’s not the only kind.

                      I wish movies would stop the propaganda and go back to fun.

                      For me, growing up, TV and movies were an escape from stuff.  A fun way to imagine other things.

                      Now it’s all heavy handed screeching propaganda.  The opposite of fun.




                        Go see it. there is no propaganda, its just a good fun movie.


                        Just got back from seeing it…and I haven’t stopped grinning since I left the theatre.

                        What can I say:- it was the perfect mix of nostalgia and originality. I think the reason this formula worked so well is that it’s genuinely a continuation of the story so it wasn’t as if they had to “shoehorn” elements of the original.

                        I take back my initial impressions about the acting, based on what I saw from the trailers. Almost everyone fit their roles and pulled their weight.

                        But, the real life pilots and the cinematographers are the true heroes of this movie, I hope they were well compensated for their efforts.

                        It wasn’t perfect though. The side plot wasn’t properly developed and and there was a little sequence towards the end that was downright silly. Still neither of these flaws significantly detracted from the spectacle.

                        This film also took my 4DX virginity and was well worth it, especially the third act.

                        Finally, is it better than the original? I’ll answer that by saying it complements the original in more ways than one.

                        The release of this thing was delayed by 2 long years and it was worth the wait in my honest and unashamedly biassed opinion. Definitely one for the collection.


                        Overall, I enjoyed it. The flight action was superb and there seems to be more of it compared to the original. The supporting cast didn’t have the charisma as the original (Tom Skerritt!!) and the romance didn’t add anything but it was there. I give it an 8.5/10 overall. Recommend in IMAX for sure.




                        The mission is basically the same as the original Star Wars but with a twist. It does Star Wars better than Disney is right now so that’s something.


                        One Billion and counting baby…and without China to boot!


                          @Maverick. Yes Sir

                          Seen it 3 times now and each time I come out happy. I will put it up in the top 3 sequels of all times. I have to say, I think this will also have what i thought it wouldnt “The aging well factor” It and the Original can easily be a sit down 40 years from now and watch them together because you will have to see them together. Its like The original Star Wars trilogy, YOU WATCH THE 3 TOGETHER AS A WHOLE.

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