Touch and go games on Mobile?

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    Just curious if anyone plays a game or two on mobile that they can pick up and put down at will without having to use GPS. I work overnights in a data center and sometimes it takes 20min to wait for a prompt or an hour if if I’m updating something. I can’t bring my Nintendo Switch in to production areas, nor can I bring a controller for Xbox Game Pass on mobile.

    I’ve given up on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp as it’s just a useless grind to me. Though I have heard good things about the new Switch game, I’m a little burnt on that series right now and I can’t bring that console with me anyways. I can’t for the life of me find anything near my data center remotely resembling a Pokémon stop or gym. That has more to do with the shoddy GPS of working in a data center.

    Any touch and go recommendations? Something that doesn’t require too much attention or time? Please and Thank You!


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    Ever tried Arknights?

    It’s a F2P tower defence game where one of the most notable features is the fact that the game’s auto-play mode is based on the game replicating the placement and timing of how you deployed the units previously. Which means that for you to be able to use auto-deploy on a map, you need to have successfully completed the map first.

    The game can be a bit grindy and has a pretty steep difficulty curve, but the auto-deploy takes care of most of the grind, while just participating in game events will give you a decent supply of upgrade materials, and there are plenty of videos out there where people show off their strategies for using low rarity and/or low level units to complete even some of the highest difficulty contents if you need hints and ideas.

    The game is also quite F2P friendly, where top tier high rarity units can be acquired at a decent rate using free in-game currency on the gacha, and the free recruitment system. Higher rarity units are also balanced out by having higher deployment costs, thus many maps are specifically designed to require the use of low rarity units, so you won’t see P2W power creep.

    Similar to Azur Lane, the expectations is that “dolphins” will spend money mainly on monthly cards and costumes for popular units, and only “whales” will spend money on other stuff.


    Have you tried emulators? Nintendo, Playstation?

    Also recommend Ragnarok Mobile. I had a blast playing it though I have to say it consumes a LOT of time, I spend a great deal of time doing the daily routine

    necessary to get as much benefit of the game as possible.


    Much appreciated to both of y’all! I will be downloading those this morning to try out during tonight’s shift! Thank you kindly!


    For anybody wanting to give Arknights a try, check out:

    … from Youtuber Just3c. Those should cover most of the essentials.

    Also, my own Friend ID for Arknights is Brandr#1439.


    You get paid to play games?

    Are they hiring???


    I WISH that were the case!

    However, this is me trying to kill time while I wait on equipment I cannot leave. Hence the desire for just easy to pick up and drop off games.


    Recently i was playing this Archwar game.
    This is quite an interesting game.

    Check the game out at:…e1Tech.Archwar

    Other portals:

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