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    If your looking for something to watch I highly suggest Tower of God.  It’s a solid entry and has just about everything you could want in an anime.



    Eh…I barely got through the first episode. Between what I felt was poor animation and annoying characters, I couldn’t even give it my usual 4 episode test.


    It picks up, however I feel you.  I still can’t sit through One Piece after about 100 attempts.


    Heh, exact opposites, here. I’ve been on One Piece for over a decade, though I haven’t actually watched the anime because it had to go filler a few years ago cuz it got too close to the manga. So, I’ve just been reading the manga.


    I’ve seen Tower of God and it’s awesome even though I haven’t finished watching Tower of God yet. But still it’s awesome, the animation is way better than the artwork for the webmanwha which I manage to finish reading the 1st season of the webmanwha.

    I will like to give Tower of God an Infinity out of 10 and I would like to see Ryan Kinel review Tower of God and Dr. Stone per episode.

    Also I would like to recommend this Anime to Hunger Games Fans, His Dark Materials Fans, and Maze Runner Fans if these are ever ruined

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    A friend of mine has been recommending me the original webcomic for years, now I going to spend days reading the entirety of it after the first season of the anime ends.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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