Toys are gonna get scarce in the near future

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    To all the toy collectors out there with how supply chains are breaking down in this Covid world, I am anticipating that at some point that there is likely gonna be a time when toys are be rare to see at the local store because places like Hasbro and Mattel are gonna be making non toy related stuff like face masks and hand wash.

    And I seriously worry that toy collecting in the very very near future is gonna be a luxury we would all be missing and kids today are gonna have to play with a crumpled up paper ball like kids in the Great Depression of the 1930s did because people were so poor.

    So we should all be grateful for all the toys we have now cause I worry toys are gonna be unessential soon and we won’t get the luxury of play or collecting.

    What are your thoughts on this everyone?

    I feel kind of scared, as silly as it sounds.


    The problem is not that they will make PPE’s, but that the entire international supply chain is in crisis mode.

    Ship’s can’t unload their freight fast enough.

    Trucks can’t move the freight to warehouses/trainyards fast enough.

    Trains/trucks can’t move the freight across the nation to cities/warehouses fast enough.

    Warehouses can’t get the freight to the stores/customers fast enough.


    We have been warned for several weeks now that you need to purchase your Christmas Gifts NOW, because the available stock will be low to none on alot of such items.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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