Trump vs. DeSantis

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      I see that Trump is openly “attacking” DeSantis.  The things he said I find distasteful and uncalled for.  I really do not like this side of Trump.

      I do not live in Florida so I have no direct experience with how good or bad he is.  But from what I can glean he is doing a great job and is well liked.  I have seen him handle and carry himself in a way I admire.  Furthermore, he had a major hurricane lay waste to his state.  What have we heard from that?  Very little.  No crying about this or that, no finger pointing etc.  Having lived through Katrina (which was an utter mess in La.) I take that to mean he is handling even that very well.

      My point is this.  I think both men have their pros and cons.  But Trump is of Biden’s age and I think he had his moment and was the bull in the china shop we needed.  But I feel that time has passed.  If both were to run (knowing what I know at this time) I would prefer DeSantis.

      But let’s be honest here.  If you think not selecting Trump would make the radical left more calm and accepting you are dead wrong.  Whomever is put up against the Democrats will be “Hitler”.  The priests of the mainstream media will see to that.


        And this is part of the problem with “the right”. They squabble like 12 yr olds instead of uniting like the left does and getting things done. This is one of the things I do not like about Trump, his mouth is a problem. He is bad mouthing a person who should be his ally. He should reach out to him, because DeSantis is not bad mouthing or playing the insult game, instead he is doing good things for Florida HUMBLY and not acting like a 12 yr old or expecting praise for it.

        “The Right” needs to unite and not lower themselves to being Neanderthals. Because this childish garbage Trump is doing is low IQ crap that does no good for anyone, anywhere.


        Trump is obviously threatened by DeSantis who in my opinion has nothing to prove.

        If I were DeSantis, I’d let Trump be and allow him have this opportunity to run for the Presidency for the good of party and country. Regardless of the outcome  he (DeSantis) will come off as a  measured, intelligent and responsible leader which would make him a prime candidate for the 2028 Presidential elections.





          “And this is part of the problem with “the right”.”

          Not really in my opinion.  The right politicians do have not less or more division than the left.  The left is currently also divided between liberals and radical leftists.

          The division you are picking up here is Trump himself.  Yes, he has some good ideas and I do believe he has good intentions much of the time but he is without a doubt divisive.  He is quick to attack and do so in a scorched Earth fashion.  I dislike that about him.


          Agreed.  DeSantis (if he wants to run in 24/28) should just ignore the silly stuff and left it fly beneath him.  To engage with Trump on this level of silliness would just drag everyone down.  And I am sure that when Hillary goes to bed at night her prayer to Satan is to let that happen.

          Honestly at this point I don’t want Trump to run.  Let him put his weight behind DeSantis for 24 and he can continue to help the movement he did create from outside of the Oval office.  I actually think he is more effective doing that. I would like to see a DeSantis/Lake or MTG ticket at this time but that is very much subject to change and whim.


          What gives…?
          I thought Donnie and DeSantis were chums.
          Are these attacks verified…im a bit out of the loop.


            I did not hear them myself but I heard them repeated by trustworthy sources on my end.  That being NOT mainstream garbage from either “side”.

            I really do not understand the attacks.  They make no sense to me and will only split Trump’s base.  Maybe he is that big of a Narcissist.  If he is, it will be his downfall I believe politically.


            Trump just signed his political death warrant with that stupid stunt. DeSantis is a rockstar. A great politician. While I prefer Trump policy wise, attacking your strongest potential ally like this is just unforgivable.



              I think you might be right.  It would not chase away his most ardent supporters but for folks like me who weigh his pros and cons, I find it very distasteful and even just plain wrong.  And so splitting his base would indeed cause him trouble in a primary.



                I personally observe that people on the left are more likely to group up and or join together against things than the right. That was my point. It has nothing to do with division within a party or not. The left get’s more things done because of their lies, hypocrisy, and hate because they join together in it. They rally against Trump and Trump supporters (Impeached twice for example). They rally against transphobia (its everywhere now). They get you cancelled and shut down, fired, etc. The right does NONE of that, not in the scale that the left does even when they try to. Hence my point. If the right joined together in things they could get things done, if they stopped being pacifistic and or “nice” they could get things done just like the left does. The reason the left has so much control is because they were LET to have that control because no one did anything about it. Again, hence my original point: “And this is part of the problem with “the right”

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                The left can afford to do that though, since they are in power. They control every aspect of society. The right used to be the same way (see McCarthyism or anti sodomy laws until 2003).
                The right in general is more ideological though, whereas the left are all about power.

                I hate to beat a dead horse, but I am convinced a big reason for this is that the left doesn’t believe in god or a supernatural power. Not everyone does of course, and there are some versions that say “god helps those who help themselves”, but I do believe religiosity prevents ruthlessness in two ways. 1. A comforting belief in a benevolent protector god who ultimately remains in control leads to complacency.  2. A belief in a just and vengeful god who punishes transgressors prevents one from cheating at the ballot box or otherwise inflicting harm upon one’s enemy in a non-moral way.  The left is not bound by such considerations. They will do what is necessary to gain power. If they have to kill someone like Seth Rich or start a proxy war somewhere, crash the economy, steal an election or possibly even commit genocide, they don’t care. They do what it takes to gain power.

                You can’t beat an enemy like that with both your hands tied behind your back. Which is why the left wins.

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                  I agree, but let me muse on further.

                  I think what you are seeing is the natures of the “left” and “right”.  And lets admit those are very nebulous terms that are near to being in the eye of the beholder.

                  These are simply my musings.  They agree with yours really but I come up with different reasoning to a degree.

                  The left is about hate.  This is the root of their “movement” and the thing that motivates and unites them.  This is not an accident.  Hatred was used intentionally to unite the tribes of the left into 1 voting block.  A boogeyman was created, and that was essentially the straight white Christian male.  This too was not an accident.  This group was selected because there is something there for every tribe to hate without contradicting each other.

                  The right is not a manufactured group like much of the left is. The right is a diverse group.  Diverse in thought and beliefs. It is not united by hatred.  The tie that binds is similar beliefs on things like politics and religion.  There is really no more to it than that as I see it.

                  So this unity you see is really just hatred.  It is lacking on the right because the right is not based on hatred.

                  Given what the left says about the right, this a very ironic situation.



                    I disagree with Trump attacking DeSantis.  It is a strike against Trump for me.  But here is a video that attempts to explain it.  While I disagree with the conclusion of why this happened there is a lot of interesting content in the video that relates to the situation in general that is very useful.



                      So, I am not left or right. But, my previous comments above were simply explaining it in how they think, that being left and right. I think half the problem with everything is the fact that there are sides and so much division because of it.

                      Being united in hared is still being united, and sadly it gets things done. Whether they are good or bad, they still get things done. Sure, they are destroying the country as they go and thrive off the division they created. But, it is a destructive force united. Imo the right doesn’t do much, and it is not very united. They let schools control their kids minds. They let the medical field change to fit a small population who want to have 100000 genders. They let big tech and the media control the narrative and create division. To ban people, to get them fired, to have kids taken away from parents who don’t believe their kid is trans or old enough to decide one way or the other. They let a setting president be lambasted daily, lied about continually, and impeached twice. Everything is being ALLOWED to happen. Yes, that is my opinion on all the garbage goin on in this country. It is allowed. Not stopped. Not stood up against. Not torn town. Not riots in the streets. (sound familiar?) Not spoken of and acted up on with conviction. And not UNITED! No, that is what the left does and look what it get’s done. So again, hence my original point: “And this is part of the problem with “the right”. This recent bullcrap that Trump did towards DeSantis just proves my point, and part of why I really don’t want him in office again. Creating further division get’s nothing done.

                      Sure I don’t agree with the left’s tactics, but man, something needs to change and something needs to give with “the right” otherwise that’s it. We are done.


                        “I think half the problem with everything is the fact that there are sides and so much division because of it.”

                        I actually think that’s about 95% of the problem. So, agree with you there.

                        These “sides” you are referring to are NOT left and right as I see it.  They are a small minority of radical leftists whom have control over media and tech.  And the “right” as they see it is basically everyone else.  This would of course include even classic liberals or those leaning left who are not insane.  That majority who does not control media or tech has not united to stop the nonsense.  This is true.  I agree there.  What has happened has been allowed to happen.  But when we say that we must realize much of the insanity was performed in a clandestine manner hidden from the public or opinion was swayed through propaganda machines like Twitter.  That does not even count all the lies and subterfuge.

                        So yes, it was all allowed to happen but much of it was either hidden or falsified.  But now that we all know what has been going on, it is up to everyone to put an end to it.  And again, this does not seem to be happening.

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