Trump vs. DeSantis

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    Call me crazy…

    But I believe there is someone out to get us, besides the usual suspects.

    Political mudslinging is the norm, but it’s usually leveled at your opponent rather then an ally, unless you happen to become a political rival.

    I have never seen the hatred and disparity you see nowadays between Americans of all people. All because of political leanings.

    Who was it that said It is easier to subdue a castle from the inside through stealth than from the outside through force.


      It’s divide and conquer.  They break up the US into little tribes that all hate each other which makes them all easy to manipulate.  This way politicians can do what they want while we all fight each other.

      This is why I stand by the thought that we should look for common ground and hear each other out.  We don’t have to agree but neither do we have to hate.  But with that said you have some of those aforementioned tribes that are pretty much based on hate so that’s going to be a tough one to pull off.

    Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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