Trump would beat Biden easily. But Trump is not running against Biden.

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      Like the WEF, the US political establishment knows they cannot force you to do anything.  They would not risk sparking a revolution they would lose.  Why?  If one country participates in a revolution against them it would show the rest of the west they can do the same.

      The way the forces that be work is they don’t force you, they just poison your choices so you have to select what they wish you to.  You refuse to give up beef?  Well when it costs $20+ for a small steak you will pick otherwise and without some critical thinking you will believe it was your choice.  You refuse to buy an EV?  Well when gas is $10 a gallon you might think otherwise.

      Trump will not be running against Biden assuming Trump is not convicted of insurrection.  They are still gaming that part.  But if you have seen the news recently, the government itself came out and more or less said, hey, Biden is not guilty of XYZ because he is old and feeble.

      The feds don’t tell you anything unless they want you to know it. That fragile mention of Biden not being up to par is the beginning of them not only ejecting Biden but EVERYTHING negative will be blamed on him.

      In the next month or 2, Biden maybe being somewhat questionable will evolve into “OMG things are indeed bad but it’s all Biden’s fault”.

      And Biden will then be replaced by someone.  I suspect Gavin Newsome.  Some say Kamala but she is an unlikeable dingdong or Michelle Obama.  Obama seems like a goofy pick but I said that once in front of a friend’s wife who then said “I don’t know much about politics but Michelle Obama does a lot of good in that she gives a lot of money to things I believe in and I would vote for her”.

      No matter who it is.  Trump will not be running against Biden.  It will be someone else and Biden will be blamed for all the ills of the country so that another WEF puppet can be installed to accelerate all the destructive things happening now.

      Don’t fall for any of it.  All the negative things happening in this country today are intentional and anything you see on TV or in the mainstream serves that end.


      As more and more DEMonS come to the realization that Sleepy Joe is a liability they’re joining what is a concerted movement to oust him.

      And for all his frailty it looks as if he’s not going down without a fight.


      I’m not foolish or naive enough to think this will cause the party to implode but it’s going to be entertaining.


        As more and more DEMonS come to the realization that Sleepy Joe is a liability they’re joining what is a concerted movement to oust him.

        If you think that the D or R in front of the DC names makes any difference you need to diversify your news sources.  Yes, the Democrats technically rule the roost at this point but the Republicans are not weak, confused or feckless.  They are complicit.  The current federal government is essentially a play that you are forced to buy a ticket to that costs 25+% of all your earnings each year and while you try to figure out how you will pay the ticket as well as feed your family the play rolls on.

        These people work such that nothing is uncalculated and anything under their purview that gives you any information is because they wish you to know it.

        The whole, “Joe is guilty but he is too feeble to be charged for it” was them intentionally lighting a fire that the media will whip up into an inferno.  And then when the fire is burning out of control people will beg them to put it out just as they planned.  And so when they insert Newsom/Kamala it will be done to “save America” and every die hard Democrat will have begged for it and think it’s a great idea believing it was just a stroke of fate.

        This is how government works right now.  Intentionally cause a problem via bad policy (inflation, homelessness, immigration, crime) and then when it becomes so horrible people beg you to solve it, you request their money and freedom which they tend to give up and then the cycle repeats endlessly until at some point we will arrive at within probably less than 5 years, you have no money, you live in a warzone and you survive off the crumbs from the elite so long as you wear your shackles.

        If you think that cannot or won’t happen here if things don’t radically change you are very wrong and that situation I described can happen literally overnight.  One major institution failing will cause more and then you have a domino effect.  And one must consider the fragility of society.  Do you live near a natural fresh water source?  Most people don’t.  So when the electricity goes and water cannot be moved, give it 1-2 weeks and it’s I Am Legend in most places.

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