“Truth, Justice and a better World”? New Superman? New motto?

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    In the new DC comic series Superman:Son of Kal-El, Superman’s son Jon Kent has now taken up his father’s mantle, changed his super suit and the classic motto from “Truth,Justice and the American Way” to “Truth,Justice and a better world”. With the classic beloved decades old saying coined from the 1940’s now gone, how will fans and readers react to this change?


    Thanks but no thanks.

    I’ll stick with this.



    It is the definition of “better world” that has us long-time Superman fans upset.

    If they think better = woke, then they are wrong Wrong WRONG.


    Thanks goodness for back issues!


    I give you a thumbs up like! :-) By the way, that’s an excellent Patriotic Superman picture. Thanks for sharing.


    I wonder if these writers remember injustice Superman, Superboy prime or the Justice Lord Superman from the animated Justice League series?  All of these versions of Superman wanted to make “a better world” through a dictatorship. It’s disturbing that they’re changing his motto which is all about freedom and then change it into something that….well isn’t. Making it “a better world” sounds to me that “Superman”will take away freedom and try and shape the world in his image. I think of a quote from Superman the movie when the hologram Jor-el tells his son about not interfering with human history “It is forbidden for you to interfere with human history, rather,let your leadership stir others too.” By saying “ a better world” would mean Jon will be interfering with humans forming their own history.


    Can anyone think of a higher level of hypocrisy than to be successful in a system and than turn around and stand on top of that success and say this system is terrible we need to tear it down for everyone else?


    I smell more woke nonsense coming 🙄. I never thought I’d see the day in which I’d feel bad for Superman but here I am 😅. No I’m no Superman fan btw lol.


    Yeah,I’m a Superman fan and I never thought I’d see the day when I would say that I’m skipping a Superman title. Congratulations DC Comics! You managed to find a way for me to not buy a Superman comic. 😕

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    Will this topic make its way to geeks and gamers YouTube channel? I think that it would help get the word out and shine the spotlight on the bad that DC  comics is doing to Superman.


    “To build a better world citizen” or “To build a better global citizen” was the motto of my elementary school long ago. Terrible mission statement.

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