Trying to find an 80s/90s Cartoon

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      I have been hunting down and attaining old cartoon series when I can find them at a reasonable price.  There is one I can remember watching but I do not recall the name and my internet searches are not turning up anything.

      This was a cartoon about a future Earth in which man had genetically engineered a being but the intent were they would be slaves essentially.  The cartoon was about the engineered beings  fighting/working towards being free.

      Anyone remember the name of this?

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      Was it Able Squad? I’ve never watched it nor even heard of it.

      For two seasons starting in 1993, the series chronicled an intergalactic war between humans and Neosapiens, a genetically engineered race of servants bred to colonize space. For 52 episodes, Able Squad, humanity’s premiere fighting force, fought on the frontlines using Exo-Suits, high-tech mech-suits stuffed with exotic weaponry.


        I THINK that might be it.  The pic on the article looks familiar and I recall the word “Neosapiens”.  Thank you so very much!  I am going to run that rabbit.

        I wish someone would work with that storyline in something because I find it super fascinating.  Hell I remembered it for over 30 years LOL.


        EDIT – I found it!  Season 1 can be bought on Amazon and both seasons are on Peacock.

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        Sorry to be late to this but both seasons (plus the one season three episode made) of Exo Squad are on YouTube as well.

        Awesome show.


          I did not think to look on YouTube!  Thanks!


          Never seen this in my life. Have not watched it yet, but did see the intro. Showed a pilot get into a suit and a literal USB chord go into the back of his head, which was way ahead of it’s time.

          Exosquad S01E01 Pirate Scourge

          The show is set in the beginning of the 22nd century and covers the interplanetary war between humanity and Neosapiens, a fictional race artificially created as workers/slaves for the Terrans.

          The show features a realistic outlook on war: many characters die in combat, military operations are carefully planned and reconnoitered in advance, and psychological effects of warfare are explored. For example, separate episodes detail Exofleet’s reconnaissance of Venus prior to its recapture, the actual liberation, and the repulse of the first Neosapien reconquest attempt. Moreover, even after Venus is retaken by Terrans, several episodes deal with the remaining Venusian resistance and Neosapien forces who hid across Venus, refusing to surrender and awaiting reinforcements.

          Exosquad S01E02 Seeds of Deception

          The series is set in the years 2119–2121 AD, decades after humanity (“Terrans”) has expanded beyond Earth, terraforming and colonizing Venus and Mars. These three planets are “the Homeworlds”, the core first of the Terran interplanetary state and later of Neosapien Commonwealth. Not all Terrans are affiliated with the Homeworlds, however: there is an independent faction of Pirate Clans, descendants of Terran criminals exiled to the Outer Planets who live off looted Homeworlds’ space freighters. The first episode opens with the Earth Congress dispatching the entire Exofleet, humanity’s space-based military, to counter the Pirate threat.

          With war with the Pirate Clans looming, an uprising begins among the Neosapiens, an artificial humanoid race coexisting with Terrans. In the back-story, the Neosapiens were used primarily as slaves during the colonization of Mars and Venus and therefore have been engineered to be physically stronger and better adapted to hostile environments than humans.

          Their mistreatment by Terrans led to the First Neosapien Revolt fifty years before the series’ begin, which was mercilessly crushed but had brought some positive changes into their lives. Still not content with his fate, the Neosapien Governor of Mars, Phaeton, sets a new insurrection, codenamed “Operation [Neosapien] Destiny”, in motion as soon as the Exofleet leaves to chase after the Pirate Clans. The absence of the Exofleet is also a part of Phaeton’s plan as it enables the Neosapiens’ capture of the Homeworlds without much effort.

          The second season draws to a close with the defeat of the Neosapiens and the liberation of Earth, but it ends with a cliffhanger suggesting that a third season would describe a war against a new alien race, and that the Terrans and the Neosapiens would be forced to ally with each other.

          Moreover, a clone of Phaeton was discovered in the final episodes by the Terrans, who were at a loss as to what to do about his existence as they didn’t want to unleash another Phaeton on society, but also didn’t wish to condemn the clone for his predecessor’s actions.


            I find the entire “we created something non-human to be slaves and its ok because they aren’t human” a very human thing to do.  I always thought that was a very believable line of thought.   And then their eventual fight for freedom seems very plausible. Someone should make a movie based on this it could be awesome.


            As with many cartoons of the era there was of course a toy line. When I was making a YouTube video about making a scratch built mech I managed to get hold of one from eBay.

            J T Marsh


              That is awesome! LOL

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