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    TV – General Chat



    Talk about anything related to TV Shows. :)



    What are you guys watching right now?


    Finished Fargo last month. Now I’m re-watching Mad Men for the 3rd time haha I just love that show.

    Waiting for the 3rd season of Succession.

    And I’m also watching Nathan for you. It’s pure comedy, so epic. And when I finish this, I will start watching How to with John Wilson.




    Current shows i’m watching: WandaVision and Riverdale

    Gonna start season 4 of The Good Place

    Watching tons of anime

    Also, what site is that screenshot from? Please tell me it’s free streaming…


    I dunno, I just googled it xD it might be from imdb

    I may give The Good Place a try someday… I hear many people talking about it. 👍


    The shows I’m watching right now are WandaVision, Attack on Titan, Bridgerton, and Bachelor. Not enough time in the world to finish everything though!


    The only new show I’m watching right now is The Expanse and that ends this week. Other than that I keep dipping into old episodes of South Park.


    I was watching The Expanse, but it was 9 1/2 episodes of filler 3/8 Naomi crying and panting. and 1/8 good stuff.
    I will give next season a 1 episode or 2 test drive but its lost its luster for me this season.
    Also, i really really want Naomi dead now.

    The Rookie (Nathan Fillion) has turned into a woke, everything is racist or sexist, the police shouldn’t  even look at people committing crimes disaster, so thats done for me.

    Which only leaves Young Sheldon of all things. :(

    But i do have all of the Stargate series (s)to rewatch so thats something.


    Finished last week Justice League (2001-2004), and now I’m starting Justice League Unlimited (2004-2006). It’s great :)

    I’m also watching SEAL Team, it’s not bad at all, very underrated.  (recommended for people who like war action movies/series)


    Waiting for other series to start… nothing else (tv shows) going on that interests me lol


    I’m watching Soulmates on Amazon Prime, it’s like Black Mirror but with a crazy dating app, and when you listen to the app everything goes wrong 😁

    Also can’t wait for The Falcon And The Winter Soldier this friday 🦅❄

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    Is anyone going to watch the new TV Series “Them”?

    Honestly, the casting and production looks okay, but the topic is just so repetitive … it was made over and over and over again, can’t they create something new? Or this is just to push more propaganda? I really don’t understand … or maybe I do… they profit with division. They must keep the world divided and they create this kind of shows/movies every year to remind everyone that we must hate each others.


    Is anyone going to watch the new TV Series “Them”?

    The concept on it’s own looks interesting…

    I get what the SJWs reason behind making a series like this most probably is, but it’s set in the 60s, when things like that actually happened, so i’ll give them a little credit for not setting the story in modern times

    Looks like it’s gonna be mixed in with horror/supernatural, i might watch the first episode and see how it goes

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