Twitter, don’t say groomer but child predators a ok

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    I am surprised that advertisers did the right thing and left. That does surprise me because corporate America has been making choices to support wokeness and rainbow flags. Little by little, people are worn down until they accept just about anything and everything, so I have to give credit to anyone who leaves for the stated reason.

    The other thing, off topic, about Twitter and Youtube, that people have been talking about, is the censorship. It was just mentioned how ratings are down for most traditional media, but now, we see ratings beginning to decline for Big Tech as well. Formerly, all these platforms were built on free speech.

    With each censored voice, whether Russell Brand, Alex Jones, Trump, etc., it’s clear that the public loses interest in the remaining voices like Trevor Noah. The more censorship occurs, the less the remaining voices are worth listening to. Like Russell Brand said, Rachel Maddow is not worth listening to. Trevor Noah, Brian Stelter, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, and others, all lost their roles due to declining interesting and declining ratings. The people left on TV are NOT worth listening to. The people in Big Tech are NOT worth listening to. The ones that are, like GnG and Nerdrotic and Roas, Tim Pool and others, are FEW and far between.


    It’s evident that moderating a large website such as Twitter is extremely difficult.

    Makes you wonder if banning terms and hot topics like ‘grooming’, medical misinformation, Hunter Biden’s Laptop etc. is their feeble attempt to mask the extent of the problem. It’s like “Hey folks, continue to use our site and give us your money…at least we’re trying!”



    I would imagine it is difficult.  But this is not about perfection.  This is about an overt and not so secret bias.




    Anyone who is a logical person would look at the many episodes that appear to be on the left side of things (these examples, kid drag shows, kid gender nonsense) and would conclude that the left or some component of it is fully for child sexualization in many forms.

    Do I think the left’s organizations and groups were created to promote this?  No, but I think  many have been infiltrated to do so.  Historically it seems to me that any group/organization that looks to have the potential to gather money or influence will get infiltrated by bad people looking to use them for their own gains.   That goes whether it’s a union, a Christian organization or BLM or what have you.

    This does not excuse what is being pushed here.  In fact it makes it all the more dangerous, wolf in sheep’s clothing.  At this point, on that side of things, I think there might be as many wolves as sheep.  Essentially wolves dressed as sheep inching closer to our children constantly saying, “don’t mind me I am but a lamb”.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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