Twitter finally got me

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    I asked them to point out where in my tweet I was glorifying violence. I doubt they’ll respond. It’s so fun to get censored for hot takes that the narrative doesn’t agree with.Screenshot_20210504-103523


    Congradulations. Word salad is a thing.

    Twatter hates facts.


    Thoughtcrime. Careful.


    If it breaks their communist rules, you’re doing it right.


    Jack and the Twitards are the ones guilty of all the crimes they accuse us regular folk and independent thinkers of.  It’s no wonder their stock tanked after Trump was gone and people took note.


    Twitter and Facebook have both violated my community standards and I have already banned them both from me.


    my turn.


    just because i called out an antifa chick that has on her bio “independent journalist” …  :D lmao xD



    This is who is “fact-checking” your posts and calling you a Nazi online.



    They’re bastards! They got me for a bit last year too. 6 months, 3 appeals, no word back from them. Had to delete a tweet in the end. Link below. Came back stronger, with a backup account for safety.


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    Ya they want me to delete my tweet too. But I’m not doing it.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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