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    I got suspended 7 days on Twitter for saying Al Sharpton wants racism because he’s made millions off of it, that Pelosi is a dumb bitch, and they both wanna keep people down to raise themselves up. They are scum. It was ruled as hate speech. My previous suspension was 12 hours so it skipped the 24 hour one. 100% bias/censorship. There is shit said on there that is way worse but whoever reviewed my tweet was definitely bias. I can’t prove that but it is pretty fucking obvious


    Al Sharpton is the CEO of the victimization industry.


    You only spoke the truth, so Twitter can’t have that.


    Twitter is going to do itself in before 2020 is done, because it’s an election year and they will try and silence people who don’t fall in line with the progressive SJW agenda.


    The old saying goes, if your enemy is going to light themself on fire, don’t stop them.


    True. If they’re gonna censor that hard it makes for busy work, in theory anyways. If what I said is the bar for suspensions they have their work cut out for them. It is most definitely because I said something factual. If calling Pelosi a dumb bitch is suspendable then just eliminate cuss words from the app, but it isn’t about that. It’s 100% bias


      Twitter needs to die.


      It really does. I was just telling Ryan Kinel yesterday that I would just delete it but I actually interact with streamers on there. In the Apex community I chat with a bunch of overseas people. Mostly Australia, some Europe as well. So that plus the G+G crew it’s nice to interact with them. But I think Twitter is massively toxic on the brain of so many people. It is a cesspool of negativity/lies. It is such a garbage app overall. I honestly believe mental health would improve world wide without it


      I got almost got perma banned because I said that I didn’t like Mad Mamma Merkel…in a private chat.

      I got my account back because it was a private conversation & not public.

      Now I’m just deboosted.


    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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