Twitter’s censorship of Trump

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    I just shared Donald Trump’s tweets that Twitter “gleefully” censored. I want all of you to share the living hell out of this thing to get the truth out there.


    *I made them look like they haven’t been censored at all. 😉


    Let them all celebrate in the streets….because magically, just like those votes, apparently COVID has been defeated and “super spreaders” aren’t a thing anymore.

    Let the Legal Votes be counted, let the light shine and the Illegal Votes be invalidated by SCOTUS, because the law is clear and on our side in PA. Then precedent is set, and they can move forward in Michigan, and all the doors will be opened for the “glitches” and the sharpies.

    Those tears of soy joy will turn to salt.

    The meltdowns will be epic.

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    Trump had four years to break-up Big Tech and he never did. The signs were there since the last the election and they went into full overdrive this past week when he was most vulnerable.

    I expect the censorship is going to get even worse in the next four years – Now that they think they’ve won. The next Republican president needs to take a fucking sledgehammer and you know they’re going to fight tooth and nail every step of the way to stop that from happening (though Trump might have something in mind before he leaves office. He isn’t one to take the way he was just treated lying down).


    The only real shield Big Tech has is the law saying they are “publishers”. Strip that away, and the the death by a thousand cuts would be possible.


    As long as we don’t grow a pair and all leave the lefty censorship social media (twitter and facebook), they’ll still do the same shit all over again, every day and laugh in our faces.. It’s very clear they don’t respect different opinions and they think conservatives (or non-far left) don’t matter. We don’t matter for them. So why are we still on twitter and facebook? for masochism?


    Join parler or gab. I really think Gab is growing extremely fast in the past weeks.

    Be free.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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