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    What do you guys think of the two new Pokemon games coming to Switch?Pokemon-Brilliant-Diamond-Shining-Pearl-release-datesPokemonLegendsArceus_Feb_EN_US


    Excited for both and especially exited for Snap 2.


      After the storm we had over Sword/Shield and the (reasonable) complaint about the cut Pokemon, I’mma have to adopt the wait-and-see approach for these two.

      The GenIV remakes, so far, seem a little too 1:1 compared to the original.


      Insanely excited for both, as well as Pokemon Snap.

      I’ve seen some debate over the look of the Diamond and Pearl remakes, but I personally love the style.  It’s simple, classic Pokemon with a nice graphical update.  I like the return to the chibi overworld characters.  These games just shot up to the top of my personal most anticipated games list for 2021.

      Legends: Arceus certainly looks interesting as well.  Looks like we might finally be getting that open world game that people have been asking for.  I’m excited to learn more.

      New Pokemon Snap looks exactly like what I want out of a sequel to the original.  Can’t wait for that one as well.

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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