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    UNCHARTED – Official Trailer (HD)

    Sony Pictures Entertainment

    Fortune favors the bold. Watch the official trailer for #UnchartedMovie, starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, exclusively in movie theaters February 18.

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    Based on one of the best-selling, most critically acclaimed video game series of all time, Uncharted introduces audiences to the young street-smart Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and showcases his first treasure hunting adventure with wisecracking partner Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg). In an action-adventure epic that spans the globe, the two go in dangerous pursuit of “the greatest treasure never found” while also tracking clues that may lead to Nathan’s long-lost brother.


    Nolan North Reacts To The Uncharted Movie (Exclusive Photos Revealed!)

    Nolan North is live and reacting to his time on the set of the upcoming Uncharted Movie by @Sony Pictures Entertainment. Nolan will share some never before seen photos and what it was like for Drake to meet Drake (aka Tom Holland).

    Sic Parvis Magna!




    I don’t think I’ve seen such a mis-cast since Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher 😂 (about Holland being Drake). Having said that, there was also Chris Pratt playing Mario too. The only one I don’t have a problem with is Banderas playing the villain. I don’t play the games (Assassins Creed is more my style) but this looks like a MCU film. At least its not woke.


    Agree about Banderas. He was Zorro, for crying out loud, which was one of the best adventure movies ever. Same about Tom Holland, and I’m a fan of his. I like his ballet and gymnastics background and feel he’s been well prepared, but I tend to agree that the casting seems off just because he has very youthful features. In fact, you nailed it solid. Holland should really benchmark the career of a Tom Cruise or a Michael J. Fox, which, to me, were two of the all time greats. Sad but true is the fact that these light weights do not belong in roles for men that are over 6 foot tall.



    Treasure hunter Nathan “Nate” Drake (Nolan North), accompanied by reporter Elena Fisher, recovers the coffin of his self-proclaimed ancestor Sir Francis Drake, having located it from coordinates inscribed on a family heirloom: a ring Nate wears around his neck.[10] The coffin contains Sir Francis Drake’s diary, which gives the location of El Dorado. Pirates attack and destroy Nate’s boat, but Nate’s friend and mentor Victor “Sully” Sullivan rescues the two in his seaplane. Fearing Elena’s reporting will attract potential rivals, Nate and Sully abandon her at a dock.

    Following the diary to the indicated spot, Nate and Sully discover an alcove that once held a large statue, and realize that El Dorado is not a city but rather a golden idol. They find a Nazi U-boat, which contains a page from Drake’s diary showing the statue was taken to an island. However, mercenaries led by criminal Gabriel Roman , to whom Sully owes a massive debt, and his lieutenant Atoq Navarro intercept Nate and Sully. Sully is seemingly killed by a shot to the chest, but Nate manages to escape, encounters Elena, and flies with her to the island.

    On the way, anti-aircraft fire forces Elena and Nate to bail out and they are separated. After retrieving supplies from the wrecked seaplane, Nate heads toward an old fort to find Elena. Briefly captured by pirates led by his old associate Eddy Raja, Elena breaks Nate free and they flee to the island’s old customs house. After finding records showing the statue was moved further inland, they find that Sully is alive and accompanying Roman and Raja.[13] Nate and Elena find and rescue Sully who, having survived due to Drake’s diary blocking the bullet, explains he was buying time for Nate by misleading Roman.

    Searching through the tunnels of a monastery, Nate overhears an argument between Roman, Navarro and Eddy, revealing that Roman hired Eddy to capture Nate and secure the island, with the reward being a share of El Dorado. Following Nate’s escape, Roman doubts Eddy’s abilities and ignores his claim that something cursed on the island is killing his men, leading him to dismiss Eddy and his crew. Regrouping, Nate and Elena find a passage leading to a treasure vault, in which they find the body of Drake, assuming that he died searching for the treasure. They encounter a terrified Eddy and crew member, shortly before they are attacked by mutated humans who kill the crew member; despite Nate’s efforts, Eddy is also killed when one drags him into a pit.

    Nate and Elena escape and find themselves in an abandoned German bunker. Venturing into the base, Nate discovers that the Germans had sought the statue during World War II, but like the Spaniards before them, became cursed from the statue, causing them to become mutants. Sir Francis, knowing of the statue’s power, attempted to keep it on the island by destroying the ships and flooding the city, before he too was killed by the mutants.

    Nate returns to find Elena has been captured by Roman and Navarro. Regrouping with Sully, he fails to stop them from reaching the statue. Navarro, knowing of the curse, tricks Roman into opening the statue, revealing it to be a sarcophagus containing a mummy infected with an airborne mutagenic virus. Upon Roman turning into one of the mutants, Navarro kills him and takes control of his men, planning to sell the virus as a biological weapon. Nate jumps onto the sarcophagus and rides it as it is airlifted onto a boat in the bay. He engages and defeats Navarro and manages to sink both the sarcophagus and him to the bottom of the ocean. Sully arrives, and after Nate and Elena display affection towards each other, they leave the island with several chests of treasure.




    ‘The Mask of Zorro’ is my favourite all-time movie and Zorro my favourite masked hero (sorry Batman and Captain America and anyone else that I’ve left out😂). I’m sad that Banderas’ recent health doesn’t allow him to do those sort of roles as often anymore 🙁. That’s why I was surprised that he was on this unless the role doesn’t require Banderas to do much running and jumping around. Don’t get me wrong; Holland is a good actor but he’s far too young for the role from what I’ve seen of the games.



    Off topic, but Tom Holland as Fred Astaire. I wonder if there are any Astaire fans left? That’s going back a very long time. I am curious to see it. Fred Astaire and Gene Kelley are all-time greats up there with Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.





    I think I’ve seen a couple of Astaire films…and all I can say is that he’s one of the very few men who can actually dance pretty damn well!


    This movie looks like shit, Tom Holland looks nothing like Nathan Drake and Mark Walberg looks nothing like Sully. Both look to young for their roles, The good thing is it doesn’t look woke from the trailers but I think this movie did terrible casting. They should’ve gotten Nathan Fillion who Nathan Drake is based on and used de-aging combined with deep faking to have a younger Nathan Fillion for the role.

    I hope the Uncharted movie does terribly not woke movie bad but bad enough they maybe somehow get the idea to go with my idea for an Uncharted movie instead.


    Anyone watch this? Just saw it today and I’m still deciding on my overall opinion. Very little wokeness, which is good. I’m also trying to find out if Sony has themselves ever mentioned if this was supposed to be a prequel to the games or if everyone is simply assuming that. It’s possible this is just supposed to start a movie franchise. I say that because of some of the retconning they did.


    A guy I know downtown said he loved the game and was looking forward to the movie. He had a buzz about it, so I hoped he saw it. Was listening to Rob on John Campea, I think, and he was saying that the games already had a movie feel and did not think it was necessary. I have not seen it, but I am actully a fan of Tom Holland and also, the kid from Cobra Kai, Robby Keene (Taylor Buchanon) because they both have a dance background which I think, lends itself to athletic stunts.

    Uncharted Overperforms as Death on the Nile is Set to Flop

    OMB Reviews

    As Tom Holland’s Uncharted does better than expected at the President’s Day weekend box office, Branagh’s Death on the Nile sets itself up for financial failure

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