Universal may change Dr Seuss area

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      In short… Yes, they will bend the knee to those fascists

      And with all the color in that area… I am sure they will make it an alphabet-community theme instead.


      But with no unicorns (as unicorns are know for being white, and they can’t have anything “white” now can they.)


        What’s gonna be left when everything is erased? I really hope they don’t…oh my God I don’t wanna say it now lol. I was gonna say if they canceled the national parks and forests but they probably would do that. It’s like they won’t stop until the earth is scorched :/


        For now its just the Mulberry Street Store and the If I Ran the Zoo play area, but I can only imagine that when the leftist mob comes for all of the other Dr. Seuss books, they’ll bend the knee. I hope not, but I have no reason to think they won’t do it.

        But hey! It would open up some space for that long-rumored Lord of the Rings land


        The news said it was SIX books.

        The six books include:

        “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street”
        “If I Ran the Zoo”
        “McElligot’s Pool”
        “On Beyond Zebra!”
        “Scrambled Eggs Super!”
        “The Cat’s Quizzer”

        And why those?

        For example, “And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street” mentions a character who is “described as Chinese has two lines for eyes, carries chopsticks and a bowl of rice, and wears traditional Japanese-style shoes,” according to NPR.
        And “If I Ran the Zoo” has two male characters who are “said to be from Africa” and “are shown shirtless, shoeless and wearing grass skirts as they carry an exotic animal.”


        “Outside of his books, the author’s personal legacy has come into question, too — Seuss wrote an entire minstrel show in college and performed as the main character in full blackface,” according to NPR.

        Which was a cultural NORM back in those times.

        And since Biden himself said there are “cultural norms” (aka CCP’s genocides, oppression, etc) are OK with the democrat’s administration.



        Not to mention Dr. Seuss was in favor of the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II:


        I’m not saying his books should be canceled, I’m just saying he wasn’t a very good guy


        the woke mob is basically a bunch of sad fucks, they hate that people make fun of them, so now they have a weapon: woke big tech

        they’ll cancel comedy, because for them comedy is offensive, comedy is bullying… soon we won’t have comedy… kinda what happens in some ☭ countries.


          What is the source of that pic? I mean stuff like that does hurt but I’m conflicted because art reflects peoples feelings in a point in time. There are plenty of comics about the Iraq war some of which I grew up seeing and as an Arab American, I just took it at face value. They’re reflecting on something happening. It’s a perspective. It isn’t the only perspective. I don’t feel the need to tear it down and pretend it doesn’t exist. If anything, that would validate the opinion being expressed. Trying to erase your enemy’s thoughts does not make your enemy disappear. It makes them more angry because you are creating a divide between people and reality.

          The world would be a better place if people LISTENED to one another and respected each other’s differences instead of trying to kill or bury a person’s thoughts and feelings.



          According to this article its sourced from the UC San Diego Library, which has a whole collection of Dr. Seuss’ drawings.

          I’m not saying we should erase these things. I’m very much against censorship. I’m just saying that he had some controversial opinions (which he could’ve easily walked back on later in life, I didn’t know the guy)


          Judging people from a different era/culture using today’s extreme views is WRONG on so many levels.

          Instead of learning from WHY that point of view existed, and how the world has changed since then.


          For example, are we gonna ban Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings, because he had orcs (so some delusional people with in D&D represents a human race) and he was pro-England (writing a mythology for the British people) when the left/SJWs are anti-national pride?


          People are human.  Everyone has faults.  To cancel people because of normal human faults is like wanting to cancel every HUMAN in history, including today!




            Dr Seuss for me was a form of escapism from a pretty terrible upbringing. I enjoyed dreaming in a world of imagination. I really don’t get the uproar…but I have to say I feel a dog’s bark is louder than its bite. That’s probably not the saying but whatever. I don’t think HALF the things that are blown up in the news are as widely felt as the media wants you to believe. Media being the big five or whatever number it’s up/down to now. Unfortunately, this also does trickle down into the small media as well who feast on this shit so they can propel themselves through the magic of SEO. So it’s all a big dumpster fire.


            I don’t think they are going to do it?



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