Universal may change Dr Seuss area

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    Marc was on point. But then Uche just started screaming and the “debate” turned into a “street brawl”.

    I like Uche but I get disappointed every time he pulls something like this. For a former NFL player he sounds so insecure. I have African family as well (parents, brother) and I don’t give a fuck about books with racist stuff, we should not burn books, that’s for dictators to do. We are free to choose what we consume, fortunately. In this day and age where you have thousands of people wanting to change our kids genders and grooming them, you’re more worried about books from the 60’s? n-word please.

    With that thought, I’m sure you wanna cancel Dragon Ball as well. Dragon Ball has a lot of black characters that look like animals, kinda racist, yeah, but because of that we must ban it? delete it? BURN IT? fuck you man. It’s just so weird watching millionaires screaming that they’re victims. But that’s what Lebron teaches…

    you’re not a victim, you’re a powerful human being with freedom. the past is the past. focus on the future, on the children. you’re focusing in the past while these creeps are pulling away our kids.


    How can we learn from history if cancel culture tries to erase history?

    If one does not learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it!

    Erase history, so that you can try and try again, hoping to get a different result? ! ?

    ** ** **

    What was acceptable in the past is wrong today.

    What is wrong today is still wrong!

    What is acceptable today WILL BE problematic in the future.


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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