US Women’s National Team Gets DESTROYED 12-0 By Retired Men

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    Is anyone surprised?

    At least it wasn’t under 15-boys team versus the us woman’s national time, but the results were the same.

    And it was only a 45 minute game too.

    Just imagine if they played a FULL 90 minutes.


    Or imagine if they played a different group of men instead of actual gentlemen from the UK. Like Wisdom said, you could tell how careful they were to be polite and sporting. The real sport is very physical, with heads clashing and slide tackles, you can see some serious things in that sport. If anything, the team of men held back a lot and kept it casual and friendly.

    You could tell that was a team of men that actually like women.
    Actor Ryan Reynolds owns that team.

    When I was growing up, I heard a story from an adult league men’s player. He said a slide tackle snapped another man’s leg and the sound was so loud and injury so severe, that he threw up and gave him nightmares due to the grotesque sound of the injured player screaming in pain.


    As the game goes on, you can see the women’s team quit entirely. It reminds me of when you’re watching a baseball game and one team is on their 4th reliever and their 3rd error, and the other team is still getting a shutout from their starter and is on their 2nd grand slam and it’s the 6th and even the winners want it to end.

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    … pretending that women playing men involves real competition … ignore the truth and stick mendaciously to a preferred fiction demanded by ideological orthodoxy.

    Just cause you want to believe fiction as fact, does not make it so.

    It is humiliation not just for the women, but also for the men. The Wrexham players eventually seemed to realize this as the match went on: Their early celebrations gave way later to mere awkward handshakes when they scored their eighth, ninth, 10th, and 11th goals. There was none of the delight and excitement so clear in a match unadulterated by falsehood.

    The “game” was never in doubt.  There was no competition.


    There’s no fun in destroying an opponent. It was the same with the 7:1 victory by Germany against Brazil in the world cup finals some years ago. Up until then, Germany had never beaten Brazil in a world championship. Brazil was the favorite and Germany, without a tournament win in decades after mediocre performance in the early matches, didn’t expect to win. When Germany scored the first two goals they were extatic. Celebrating like they had just achieved the impossible. After the 3rd goal, the celebrations became more muted. Supposedly the team was instructed to take it easy in the second half, so as not to cause further humiliation and possibly riots to Brazil, which was on the brink of social unrest anyways over the government’s corruption and waste of money on the tournament.
    The last two goals were celebrated like here, with handshakes and muted enthusiasm.
    When a match is so completely one sided, a victory feels hollow. Sport is about competition, and if your opponent can’t compete, then it’s just exercise.

    The guys in the male team above were taking it easy. If they had really pushed themselves, it would have been closer to 24 : 0 or more. In a 45 minute game. A full game with fatigue setting in would have been 60:0.

    And football is a sport that doesn’t require much upper body strength. It’s mostly leg strength, where women aren’t too far behind men. But coordination, tactical thinking, body mass, bone density etc all come into play, and women are just outclassed there. There was a study somewhere a while back comparing female to male strength, and they found that only the top 10% strongest women were stronger than the bottom 10% of men.
    Of course there are exceptions with athletes, powerlifters, weightlifters, crossfit girls, martial artists, and sometimes just genetic (and steroid) freaks like Gabi Garcia, who could take the average man. But generally the differences are vast.

    Which is why trans athletes shouldn’t compete with females (or males for that matter, they should have their own league)


    Which is why trans athletes shouldn’t compete with females (or males for that matter, they should have their own league)

    Then how can a loser like lia thomas:

    …in the NCAA, Thomas competed in the men’s division, in 2018-19. There, he ranked 554th in the 200-yd freestyle, and he is now fifth in the event this year. (as a female)

    Furthermore, in the 500-yd freestyle, Thomas was 65th in the country. Now, he ranked first place in the event this year. Finally, in the 1650 freestyle, he is now eighth in the nation, as opposed to 32nd in the men’s division.

    It is all about the WINS/Attention, and NOT about fair competition.

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