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    And the people asking for and pushing these POLLS, I have to question their motive.

    Now we have this:

    More than one in four Canadians support jail time for the unvaccinated, poll finds

    Many Canadians are in favour of harsh punishments for the unvaccinated, with 37 per cent saying in a new poll it would be acceptable to deny them publicly-funded health care — and 27 per cent that it would be OK to go as far as a short jail sentence.

    A multi-tiered society.

    The poll also asked about various punitive measures for those who would refuse a mandatory vaccination. Thirty-three per cent of the survey respondents said it would be acceptable to not allow them to renew their drivers’ licence.


    Another 37 per cent said it would be ok to refuse to “allow them access to any publicly funded hospital/medical services.” More than a quarter, 27 per cent, said it would be acceptable to make them serve up to five days “as part of a jail sentence for endangering others/overwhelming (the) healthcare system.”

    Yet body positive (obese) people are OK.

    Smoking and drinking and consuming recreational drugs is OK.

    Sixty-one per cent of the respondents said it would be ok to make the unvaccinated pay “a monetary healthcare surcharge on their taxes of up to $150 per month.” That’s the same percentage that said it would be ok to make such individuals “pay out of pocket for the full medical cost” if they are admitted to hospital or the ICU with COVID-19.

    Then so too the obese, smoking, drinking citizen PAY for their life-style choices ! ! !

    More than three-quarters of those surveyed, 77 per cent, said it would be acceptable to put in place restrictions barring those who would refuse a mandatory vaccination from entering public spaces like liquor and cannabis stories, libraries, restaurants, cinemas and retail outlets.

    That is already in place in many jurisdiction.

    Planes and trains and ships – no jab passport – no travel.

    Seat-down eating – no jab passport – no eating in.

    Sports and concerts and live entertainment – no jab passport – no live in-person events for you.


    Both the vaccinated and unvaccinated wants things to return to the normal pre-covid days.

    Where one’s personal and private medical history is NO ONE ELSES BUSINESS, but you and your family doctor.


    But this blaming one segment of the population is EXACTLY what the nazis did, and is exactly what the media of certain segments are trying to do.

    Cause division and discontent.


    It’s a Terrible Idea to Deny Medical Care to Unvaccinated People

     After writing about this crisis earlier this month, I heard from a number of readers who said that the solution was obvious: Deny medical care to unvaccinated adults.

    Discrimination is what the intolerant are calling for.

    I ran this argument past several ethicists, clinicians, and public-health practitioners. Many of them sympathized with the exasperation and fear behind the sentiment. But all of them said that it was an awful idea—unethical, impractical, and founded on a shallow understanding of why some people remain unvaccinated.

    Going for the facts of the matter, and not the irrational “feelings”.

    “It’s an understandable response out of frustration and anger, and it is completely contrary to the tenets of medical ethics, which have stood pretty firm since the Second World War,” Matt Wynia, a doctor and ethicist at the University of Colorado, told me. “We don’t use the medical-care system as a way of meting out justice. We don’t use it to punish people for their social choices.” The matter “is pretty cut-and-dry,” Sara Murray, a hospitalist at UC San Francisco, added. “We have an ethical obligation to provide care for people regardless of the choices they made, and that stands true for our unvaccinated patients.”

    So they will willingly accept an obese person, an athlete, a drunk, a druggie, and smokers.

    …withholding medical care would be a matter of life or death. And in such matters, medical care should be offered according to the urgency of a patient’s need, not the circumstances leading up to that need. People whose actions endangered themselves, like smokers with lung cancer or drivers who crash while not wearing a seatbelt, still get treated.

    So we should deny cancer treatment to those who smoked?  That is the argument those calling for denying medical treatment is demanding.

    Or a crash victim because they were not in a seatbelt?  Or a victim who was not in a crosswalk (jay-walking)?

    Those whose actions endangered others, like drunk drivers or terrorists, also get treated.

    Just like rioters/lotters/arsonists/murderers, if they are injured and require medical attention, they still get it.

    “We are all sinners,” Carla Keirns, a professor of medical ethics and palliative medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center, told me. “No one has made all the perfect decisions, and any of us could find ourselves in a situation where we are sick.” It is a fundamental principle of modern medicine that “everyone has an equal claim to relief from suffering, no matter what they’ve done or haven’t done,” Daniel Goldberg, a medical historian and public-health ethicist at the University of Colorado, told me.

    Sadly, that message of tolerance is being LOST in the media and those crying for the blood (and death) to those who don’t do as they do.

    No one I talked with could imagine a patient arriving in need and having to wait while a health-care worker checks their vaccine card.

    Oh, you where in a car wrench, and need immediate attention… oh wait!  we need to CHECK YOUR PAPER’s first!

    Sorry, we can’t treat you.  Your “social score”/jab passport is not up to date.  You don’t have the current tenth booster.  Come back when you do.

    …given Omicron’s ability to partially evade immune defenses. Vaccinated people might have low personal risk of severe illness, but they can still slingshot the virus to vulnerable people who then end up in hospitals. They might not be occupying emergency rooms with their bodies, but they can still help fill those rooms through their actions.

    No one is solely to blame.  And as some experts have been saying, this is going to be an endemic, just like the seasonal flu.  It will NOT be eradicated ever.

    Blaming or neglecting unvaccinated people won’t save the health-care system or end the pandemic. It will just be the latest manifestation of America’s instinct to punish individuals for societal failures.

    That is a social issue/problem.

    More and more we are being divided and given labels by those who want to create division and strife.






    Free Speech/Censorship.


    Instead of a nation of people coming together with their common goals, they want the Balkanization of our civilization.


    And now, Quebec gov is going one step further:

    Quebec expanding COVID-19 vaccine passport to include some large retailers..

    How big?

    Quebec is also set to expand its vaccination passport program starting Monday (Jan.24), making it mandatory to show proof of immunization in order to enter a number of retail settings. They include big-box and grocery stores with areas of 1,500 square metres or more.

    So they will be forcing people to both go to smaller shops AND to shop online more.

    Essentials like grocery stores having to BAN/discriminate against customers?  That is a violation of human rights.


    Hey Canadians, sorry to say this but you deserve all this b/c you basically gave a vote of confidence to your racist PM pretty boy Trudeau.

    If you wanted to see Covid end you had to get rid of the politicians pushing it one way or the other.


    BTW, same thing applies to California w/ that fucker Gavin Newsom

    • This reply was modified 2 years, 5 months ago by 3trees.

    @3trees we have tried, but there are too many libtards who keep voting him in.

    It also does not help we don’t have an opposition party strong enough to act.

    The NDP are the libtard-lite, who would rather prompt up this failed former substitute drama teacher than to work with the PC’s.

    In the mean time, families are suffering.  Businesses are suffering.

    And instead of doing the right thing, they are doing what is best for their personal political careers.

    Sadly, that also applies to all democracies.

    Politics over prosperity.



      The industry thrives on division, as does social media. Turn them both off and we are ALL better for it.

      Well, people spread the flu and people still died of the flu every year. You are not a murderer if you don’t get the COVID vax, because you weren’t a murderer if you had the flu vax were you? (the average flu deaths per year was 12,000 – 52,000 in USA and 290, 000 – 650,000 globally)

      38,680 died in 2020 in car wrecks. Cars are ok though.

      659,000 die in just USA every year from Heart Disease. But, no health initiatives for less obesity and a better healthy lifestyle. Mass diabetes as well.

      Buuuuuuuuuut………..COVID is mass hysteria and lock it all down!!!!


      Divide and conquer.

      Profits and politics over rights and freedoms.

      covid, the jab, and lockdowns are the current buzz-words they are using to try and control peoples lives, movements, jobs and finances.


      Now we can add the jabbed and the boosters as those who dislike each other;

      Survey reveals widening gap between views of double-vaxxed and boosted people

      A new survey suggests a widening gap between the pandemic views of people who have opted to get a COVID-19 vaccine booster and those who are holding steady with only two shots.

      How wide of a gap?

      survey carried out by Leger for the Association for Canadian Studies shows 67 per cent of people with a booster dose who responded are afraid of contracting COVID-19, compared to just 52 per cent of those with two doses.

      67% to 52%

      what else?

      82 per cent of boosted respondents said they supported vaccine mandates at shopping malls and retail outlets, compared to only 57.8 per cent of people with two doses.

      unvaccinated people  … 94 per cent expressing opposition to vaccine mandates in shopping centres.

      Segregating society.

      People who received a booster shot were also more likely to respond that governments should not lift COVID-19 restrictions, at 85 per cent, compared to 71.5 per cent of people with two doses…

      …unvaccinated people responded at the other far end of the spectrum, with 65 per cent responding that COVID-19 restrictions should be lifted…

      It seems we are heading to a world like in Gattaca.  Where it is what is in you (in this case your DNA) what determines your life as in the movie, to what medical procedures you have taken/not-taken to determine where in a segregated society you will be in.  With those at the “top of the food chain” dictating to everyone else in their tyrannical regime.


      Well, where I am, after they are starting to see other nations (like the UK) lifting all restrictions from the omicron wave, they (the politicians) are starting to talk about looking at the data from those places and seeing when we can do the same here.

      Initial word from my premier is late March if all things go as their data model is forecasting.

      Then what will all those fascists do, when they can no longer “legally” segregate and discriminate against your fellow citizens, do?

      Work on improving the economy, our standard of living, etc.  you know, important things.


      …division and polarization between vaccinated and unvaccinated people in society…

      Has been a big concern with our Premier.

      But even so, it was stated, with the cancelation of the mandate to use their version of a Jab Passport…

      …while there is no mandatory requirement for businesses to use QR codes to prove someone is vaccinated, if a business wants to continue using it, that is their right under the law.

      “I would just say that’s a matter of the free market,” (He) said in a press conference on February 8. “If a business chooses to have a policy of that nature, then that may appeal to a certain kind of customer and it may turn away other kinds of customers. That’s a commercial decision.”

      So continued segregation can be made by individual companies.

      He added: “I would love it if we could move away from all of this and no longer have to produce the QR codes. […] The paradox, or the problem, is that we have a lot of (provincial citizens) who, especially during the cold winter here, love travelling, […] and as long as there is a federal requirement for provincially issued proof of vaccination, we have to offer that as a service.”

      It seems this was made because some businesses complained that going back to “normal”, they would LOSE revenue from those with the jab passport would refuse to be served with non-jabbed citizens of our free nation.

      They WANT segregation, as it might hurt their bottom line.

      Now where in history have we heard that argument before?

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