Video Game Soundtracks, the Third Chapter

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    Think the second thread has run its course, starting again with a new thread:

    Started playing ESO again, this time capping off last year’s Season of the Dragon story arc with the Dragonhold DLC. Like with the Elsweyr chapter I played over the summer I found the quests kinda average, but loved the world-building. Elsweyr is a beautiful land of badlands, savanna’s and tropical jungles. Makes me long for a single-player experience in the province, but this will have to do for now:


    Berserk Gaiden: Flowers of Oblivion for the Dreamcast hasn’t aged all that well in both graphics and gameplay, but it is still a thrilling and emotional side story. The soundtrack by Susumu Hirasawa is ethereal and otherworldly. This is what the 97 anime would’ve sounded like if it got a second season.

    Favorite tracks:
    0:00 – Forces II
    3:55 – Nico
    15:15 – Sister’s Speech
    37:51 – Indra (end credits theme)

    (Fun fact: This was the first piece of Berserk media released outside of Japan. Yes, even before the anime or the manga).


    Been playing ESO on PC, too, currently at Eastern Skyrim. BGM for Eastmarch and The Rift are blissful pieces.

    Intro music (when logging into the game):

    North from Riften

    The Keep has Fallen

    Lowering the Banners Sundown


    With Elsweyr out of the way I’m kinda looking forward to seeing what Greymoor has in store. Love this more gothic direction they’re going for: Western Skyrim has this darker, more oppressive feel to it.

    Mists of Morthal

    Mourning in the West

    A World Without Light




    AM2R’s soundtrack is glorious – This game is peak classic Metroid.

    Power Plant

    Genesis Sub-Boss theme

    Flooded Complex


    I feel Dragon Age Origins doesnt get enough love for it’s soundtrack.
    Probably, because it’s about 50/50. Some really good stuff but some really forgettable stuff to.
    But I always liked this from the Leliana’s Song DLC.


    Finished AM2R a couple of days ago.

    One of the best Metroid games ever made and features some of the most challenging and intense boss fights in the series: Proud to say I defeated the Metroid Queen on the first attempt but by God I was exhausted afterwards. Finishing it off with the Power Bomb at the end was gratifying.


    A fair number of Metroid Prime 2 remixes in AM2R: Good, MP2 deserves more love.

    Torizo (Boss fight)

    Torizo Ascendant


    Still haven’t played Devil May Cry 5 yet, but this song is an absolute banger.


    Trust grown men to turn a toy franchise of robots that turn into cars into an epic saga of war, brotherhood, sacrifice and valor.


    If your talking emotional or classical scores, I LOVE Final Fantasy XII’s soundtrack. Similarly Tactics too, its the same guy. A lot of Final Fantasy music is classic, but XII to me makes the game. Farming enemies for long periods of time isn’t so bad because the music is great.

    Chrono Trigger’s is great.

    Action games, the entire Mega Man mainline series soundtrack for me. Especially X1, X4, 2, 3 and 7.

    I’m not a good fighting game player (combos or online anyway), but Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom soundtracks are awesome too. BlazBlue’s soundtrack is phenomenal.

    While not widely known in the west, the Super Robot Wars franchise is chock full of fantastic music. Both licensed from anime and original tunes.

    Fun fact on that Transformers Soundtrack. I swear its either a generic mix of sound loops or it has been licensed out, because I SWEAR I hear that very soundtrack in the background of a show on History Channel, I think it was. It was good, though.

    A soundtrack to a sadly under-loved game I REALLY want to get a copy of is Alundra. Oh my god does that game, and it’s soundtrack, hit you right in the nuts.


    My favorite song in all of BlazBlue. If you never heard it, give it a minute 30.

    This song makes me… happy… From Xenosaga III

    I always like music that not only sounds good but appeals to my inner anger.

    I am sorry, but this is the best song in the entire. god. damn. game.

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