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      Vikings seasons 1-4 is my all time favourite show. But after Ragnar died the writing went downhill… It became a different show about his sons. Some of the storylines just didn’t work. Ivar was good in scenes with Ragnar. But after he was just always mad and was too one tone. It was eye rolling. His character sucks in my opinion. Floki was a great character but I didn’t like what they did with him in Iceland. He went and discovered Iceland and got a bunch of people to go with him. This storyline was awful and dragged the entire show down….. Legetha was a great character in the first couple seasons. But they didn’t age her for such a long time it was dumb. The show got more and more woke. I had to stop watching. Hvitserk cried for the entire season.. It’s so sad this once great show got destroyed by trash writing…


      I agree with this


        I personally cut the good run short at Season 3.  I believe Vikings plummeted downhill during Season 4.

        How I feel about the way Ragnar was killed, is akin to how I feel about the way Joel of TLoU Pt2 was killed: the character deserved better.

        I stopped watching after the end of Season 4.


          Well the myth is that he actually died like that so. And I think it was a good send off. He had that great speech. And it really made me sympathize with him. He went from being a farmer to a hero to a old man that everyone hated. Ragnar is one of the best written characters of all time.


          Word–what started as greatness and solid storytelling, tragically buckled under its own garbage writing. I bounced out during season 4.


          Yeah true loved it myself 1-4 but season 6 is fu*kin garbage. i wish they killed Legetha in season 4


          To be fair to the scriptwriters, they were already combining a TON of figures in Viking lore into a single character and throwing them into one point in time as many of the stories were spread out over 150+ years. My wife got me into the show a few years ago and I was curious how much was real as we are both descended from Scandinavia.

          It turns out, much of it is real, or at least has basis in reality, but Ragnar was based off of no less than 3 people and over a long period of time. Many of the stories were actually his son, Bjorn, as the person who was doing many of the acts. His other sons also had their own adventures that were documented and used as Ragnar’s storyline in the show. But, between budgets and short shooting schedules, there’s only so much the actors are willing to do and not for long.

        Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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