Vikings went woke?

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      I’m just catching up with this show, I’m watching the fourth season currently, and they really jumped the shark here. It reminded me of Picard, but this was before Picard was concieved. The middle part of the season could be titled the “humbling of Ragnar Lothbrok” just as picard tried to embarass and deconstruct picard. In a cousre of a few episodes they turned a strategic genius into a bumbling old fool. All the while they tried to promote Agatha and her band of feminist warriors. They didn’t just make her an all female army, they also gave her a gay lover, that just appeared out of nowhere.

      The show unfortunately has fallen bellow the line where it would still be enjoyable. If anyone watches it still, is this going to get worse or better?


      You fell into the trap of watching a modern day serial show thinking that it wouldn’t get more woke as time went on.


        Sorry, when I started watching TV shows this wasn’t even something that needed consideration. It certainly wasn’t when I first started Vikings in 2013. I went on a hiatus from tv shows in 2014 due to work, and only now started to pick up the strings again.


          Vikings is still on the air?


          I stopped watching after the main actor left.

          There was no point watching and the quality really dropped.


          Lagertha having a female lover didn’t come out of nowhere and made sense as every man she ever known had been a power hungry tyrant that raped, pillaged, and cheated. The relationship was about her dominance and the fact she didn’t want to get played again (she did though).

          I actually enjoyed Vikings more as the show went on as Athelstan, while essential to the growth of Ragnar and the goings on in Britain, was a huge bore. I much prefer the sons of Lothbrok arc over it, with Alex Høgh Andersen’s fantastic performance as Ivar the Boneless. I fully admit the show has retreaded a lot though, and the loss of Travis Fimmel was a huge blow, but yeah…I never felt any hesitation in watching once preacher man was phased out.

          And yes, the show is still on, we’re currently waiting on the second half of its final season here in the States…though it may have already aired in Europe. After that there’s a Netflix spinoff set for production.


            What in god’s name are you going on about? Athelstan wasn’t the main character, and people don’t suddenly turn gay because they met some bad people.

            Just one episode after Ragnar’s death we already have one in which I contemplated using FF more than once. Not to mention the clear pro islamist propaganda.  So SJW takeover confirmed.

            It was horrible. I give it one more chance and then it goes away for good if it continues this garbage.


            Regarding Lagertha, it was established from the get-go that she was pretty adventurous and up front about her outlook on sex, something that evolved over time once she left Ragnar and suffered certain hardships at the hands of men. Her bi-sexual attraction to Astrid fit right into her beliefs that sex was just a desire that you fulfilled as you would any thirst or hunger. Her wanting dominance played a factor as well. Not to mention some folks just experiment when they get the chance.

            (Also, yes…sexual assault trauma can push you in certain directions. I know several women who are now lesbians because of such instances, not to mention we have all heard cases of child abuse screwing with the minds of males victims.)

            You’re placing Christian morals on characters that aren’t and clearly look at aspects of life in a different manner. The series practically revolves around this premise, and because of that…yes, Athelstan WAS a main character as his friendship with Ragnar and their differing beliefs, drove a wedge between him and his family/friends.

            Religion plays such a major role in the show which is entrenched in history and the conflicts those differing beliefs spawn, why wouldn’t they touch on others such as the Islamic faith? I guess if it’s not white man’s history, it’s not the right history? Also are you oblivious to the concept of character arcs? Can you not see how Floki’s story comes full circle and ties back in with what his best friend went through? You probably should quit because I don’t think you even understand what you’re watching.


            I admit I’m going to watch a bit longer tho just to see which one of the Viking characters they haven’t killed off decides to become trans, LMAOOOO!.  🤣🤣🤣

            I am binge-watching Vikings for the first time and noticed the awful writing at the end of S4.  Then I looked what year S4 was produced and realized what must have happened to my new favorite show.  Then I googled it and lol of course found Jeremy Grigg’s url! Thank God for it!

            My question is, why are wokies such consistently 💩-writers? Is it on purpose? Bc I mean every single one is!  Ntm their productions are always depressing & just completely boring, lazy & pointless downers.

            Anyway now I know for sure that Vikings is screwed from here on out.  I think it started when they had Ragnar become an opiate addict as I remember that the evils of opiates was the consistent “The Message” de Jour of 2016.  And now they’re having the Vikings travel to ooo & awwww at Muslim countries, instead of be Viking invaders,  as wokies just love Islam (even tho Islam condemns all woke ideologies lol)

            And why all the sudden killoffs in this season?  None of them make any sense AT ALL.  The characters are all literally wandering around without reason and doing stupid things just bc the wokie writers want them to.

            And this sucks bc they’ve screwed up every one of my favorite shows and movie franchises.  And you all can try & convince me otherwise but you won’t succeed because even wokies know that woke writing is always 💩.  Which is I guess why “everything woke turns to 💩.”

            Anyway, R.I.P. VIKINGS (Another beautiful I.p. bites the dust 😭😭😭),


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              You do know there is also a sequel show called Vikings Valhalla set 100 years after the main show….right?


              Actually I’m gonna correct myself, because after a couple of really stupid episodes, Vikings picked up and im quite enjoying it again!  HURRAYYYY!! 👏👏👏👏

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