Vintage modern and 3rd party transformers

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    Got terminus hexatron at my local comic shop a couple weeks ago he’s really nice. if you can find him for a good price I would recommend picking him up IMG_20200614_093926


      Awesome!  I used to watch GI Joe and Transformers (they aired back-to-back) growing up as I babysat my little brother and his friend.  I also took interest in the toys, although they were always purchased for my brother, not for me.  I was never into dolls — thank goodness for my little brother. :)

      We were raised to take care of our toys (because our parents couldn’t afford to replace them), so all his GI Joe and Transformers toys are in mint condition, worth a fortune now, no doubt.   Ironically, I think I remain more of a fan now than he is, haha.

      My parents discouraged super hero shows and toys because they involved godlike powers (conflicted with our Baptist religion).  But they were cool with patriotism (GI Joe) and robotics (Transformers).  :p

      The movies released years later were mostly disappointing; maybe I had just grown up too much to enjoy them, but I didn’t like them nearly as much as the TV series.


      Don’t worry you aren’t alone not liking bayformers



      G1 Optimus is the one that eludes me. I don’t have any of the Transformers when I was a kid (Soundwave and his cassette bots, Ultra Magnus, Blitzwing, Kickback, Bombshell and Prowl) but I’ve purchased a few over the years. I have several MP transformers but they are in the office in lock and key. I also have Titans Return Trypticon who sits  on a topshelf on my cubicle. Just about everyone gives him a look when they walk past my desk.

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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