Vito Defend’s Netflix Cuties, puts me on Blast on Twitter! WTF

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    This scum bag who defends Netflix’s Cuties puts me on blast on Twitter.  A place I am banned on and can’t defend myself.

    He doesn’t want to mention the fact he was defending Mrgirl and his nonsense pedophile bullshit.  He blocked Ryan from RK Oupost and other Geeks and Gamers members.

    I would just like the chance to defend myself here.  I think everyone in the community should know what a Nonce he is.  That is actively defending a pedophile claiming little girls are “hot”

    I never said to cancel him.  I just feel any grown man to support such non sense should be shamed.

    If anyone wants to give him this message feel free because I won’t use Twitter even if I could get my account back.

    What a scum bag to pick out a You Tuber with no videos to call out on Twitter because HE was the one defending Cuties.

    What a dirt bag.  I stand by my statement that I spit on him and letting the whole community know what and who he is.


    He blocks anyone who brings up the fact he is a MAP defender.  And calls me an SJW that he is just “tired” of.

    Not like he was out here speaking on pedophile nonsense.  What did he expect?   Then he targets me to try to make me look like I am the dick head.


    What a fucking piece of shit!  Yeah I wanted the Star Wars/Geeks and Gamers Community to know just who he is and what he supports.

    This whole Cuties bullshit was really pissing me off.   He defends Cuties and I am the SJW scumbag somehow?

    He even has his little followers trying to blast me in there too.  Do these people not know what is going on or do they support Cuties too?


    Here is the video that Ryan from RK Outpost did on the subject of people defending Cuties.   Vito ended up blocking Ryan and is actively trying to gaslight anyone else that calls him out as SJW talent less hacks.

    The comment he put on his Twitter feed was from Ryan’s video that I made this morning.  Out of all the comments on there he picks mine. LMAO!  Dude likes to go after people who don’t make videos and have no Twitter page to reply.  So my only reply is using this platform.  Maybe he is like Mundane Matt and has Google search anytime someone types VITO.  Hey VITO if you see this you are a fucking CLOWN!  That is my PnP on You Tube you jackass!

    He claims I am a “frog” Avatar.  I use the Clown World meme on You Tube.  He is such a fucking tool that he doesn’t even realize what clown world is.

    I use to watch his videos.  But I won’t support some guy who defends Cuties.  That shit is 100% wrong and has no defense.  Anyone defending that is a complete scumbag IMO.  I know Geeks and Gamers folks share my opinions.  Instead of going after someone with a voice he tries to call me out and all his little pedo friends can pile on without me being able to defend myself.

    But I have a voice here and I wanted this out here and for it to be known what the truth to all this is.

    I could care less about SJW nonsense.  I don’t try to get anyone shut down or censored.   But I think shaming people like that is just fine.  I feel they deserve all the shame they get their way.

    He is calling Ryan names then block him.  Calling out Geeks and Gamers other channels and running his fat Nonce mouth.

    He really is a professional idiot.  But not the good kind.  Fuck that douche bag of a waste of human skin.


    He made a good TLJ video, but that’s about it. Around the time G&G uploaded that Star Wars music tribute video and he had a problem with it, was when I started to notice some things about him. Mostly his willingness to walk back his opinions when he gets blasted, and he’s defended some Twitter Outrage Mob Culture moments before iirc. I’m happy I never actually subbed to him on Youtube or followed him on Twitter.

    The fact he’s going after you when you, as you’ve stated, been banned from Twitter is also a notable look into his character. He seems to enjoy the situation of striking at you in a way where you cannot actually talk back. It’s like the cyber equivalent of waiting until someone is dead before talking smack about them.

    I take the safety of children very seriously, especially my two nephews and my niece (I’m nobodies parent, but as you can see I’m an uncle to three kids). Anyone who actually defends pedophilia or ‘MAPs’ needs to be investigated.


    “It’s 2020. SJW’s are no longer a problem.”

    I sometimes see this take on twitter and I’d have to disagree.

    Like, yeah, I get why people would feel like the term has become rather overused and after five-six years they’re a bit tired of hearing about them. But it’s not like they’ve gone away. If anything they’re being pandered to more than ever (though in my view, SJW’s are merely the foot soldiers).

    And in the case of Cuties, the most generous assumption I can make of anyone defending that film is that they’re completely falling for the normalization of sexualizing children. They don’t recognize how they’re being conditioned to accept the unacceptable. Obviously those behind the film are going to frame it as “nuanced.” They’re evil, not stupid.


    It’s a good thing that we’re seeing that the vast majority of people aren’t falling for this crap, and aren’t afraid to speak out


    Yeah DigiCat.  I tolerate so much and not much bothers me.  There is a line we all collectively agreed we would not cross.

    These people just inched past that line.  Then you have people trying to defend that line being crossed.   Nope.  I won’t just stand there and not say something.  Then getting gaslighted by some douche bag and his little friends not being able to reply is just typical of these people.

    Thanks for you reply!



    Scuttlest, yeah man that is how I found Vito.  I watched that video and subbed.  I watched a few of his Antifa videos.  He seemed like he was common sense guy.  However there was something always off about him.  He seemed like the kind of guy who was always depressed in his life and that came through in his content.  Very low charisma when it comes to content creators.

    I thank you for stopping by and putting your thoughts in here to share with us.  This is the only voice I have left on the internet.  And like I was telling DigiCat.  There are very few things that bother me.  And what was said bothered me so I called him out on Ryan’s video.  He picks me out of 1000’s of comments and Tweets me.  I just happened to find it because I was checking to see if he deleted the tweets he made.  Which he did.

    So people just thought I was being an asshole for no reason.   Thankfully the internet doesn’t forget.

    I was on Ryan’s livestream tonight and we got it out there and my voice was heard.  I am forever grateful for this community.  It restores my faith in humanity to know people know how wrong this shit is.  There just is no defending what this is all about.

    It is an inch over the line.  WE all agreed not to cross this line.   I couldn’t sleep at night unless I spoke out.  I have a kid.  And I just can’t imagine their thought processes.


    Thanks FallenOmegaStar for your reply.  I agree.  And what got me was he was trying to gaslight me as some “SJW”.

    I notice he didn’t put the context to why I would say that.  A couple people called him out right away I noticed.  Which it doesn’t matter what side you are on.  Right or the left.  Typically most of us can all agree on this topic.

    You’re right it is simply evil.


    SJW’s have done enough to ruin just about everything I enjoy Entertainment wise.  I have no love for them.   We are actively working against these people.  Seems this douche trying to do what he did just didn’t work.  When evil tries something scummy good will always shine at the end of this.

    And the truth always comes out.


    A big shout out to Ryan Kinel from RK outpost and @my Nerdy home for helping my voice be heard.

    I went into the livestream tonight we had 580 people there tonight was a great stream.  We had a good discussion about lots of topics.  Cuties did come up and they gave me a platform to speak my voice and call out Vito for his scummy non sense trying what he did.

    The thing is now he is getting blasted in his own Twitter feed.  People know he did what he just did and asking him why is he calling me out after defending that Mrgirl guy who he considered his good friend.

    I don’t want anyone to lose their channel nor would I want anyone removed for their opinions.  At the end of the day he has to live with that karma he just brought on himself for standing with evil.

    Evil is evil no matter how you want to explain it away.  We all agree here and I am again thankful for the people and community we have.  Gives me hope in humanity.  This is a small group of people who are testing the waters and just seeing what they can get away with at this point.

    Drunk3PO pointed that fact out tonight.  Which I would agree.

    Cuties is one of those things that shows us all who people are when no one is looking.  Who these people are at the end of the day.

    Society has used shame to keep this culture healthy.  And shame has befallen Vito and his good buddy Mrgirl.

    For those who enjoy the reading part I will add the comment I put on MRgirl’s video.

    Typical of these kinds of people. They are master manipulators. He is trying to play the victim here. Lots of people who end up doing this to children end up blaming the kid. claiming they wanted to do it. The whole time manipulating the child into it. HE also wants you to think everyone is like him. The whole thing is manipulation after manipulation. That is why prison inmates hate them. He is talking like he thinks you and I are like him. He just assumes because of how sick he is that the rest of the world must be like him. He honestly thinks deep down you are lying and are turned on by these little girls. That is how sick this man is. And there is no cure for these people. Well there is a lead pill that cures his sickness. These people are something else. The selfish and narcissistic nature of this man is off the charts. There are a lot of people like this. And they are starting to band together. Which is good for us in a way. We can at least start remembering faces and who these people are for when the time comes.


    Thank you all again.  God Bless and may the light shine upon the growing darkness!




    Vito just showed up in Ryan’s newest video creeping around the comment section.  Who does he reply to?

    Yep you guessed it.   He is telling me to “cope harder”

    Meanwhile another friend of ours was talking to him in DM.. This was the message.


    The Softcore CP is just “art”

    This guy is fucking something else.  Evil if you ask me.  They want this normalized!

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    Here is another one we got of him.

    Mother fucker!

    He is going after Fans and G&G supporters.    Why can’t he take this shit up with those who have a voice?  I don’t mind fighting this bully and doesn’t bother me that he singled me out.

    He is a coward.


    He should be taking this up with Staff or Jeremy himself.

    I will fight him online..  As him talking shit on me is like a badge of honor.

    I don’t need others to fight my battle for me.   But this is bigger than just me.   So putting this out here for all to see.


    Go seek professional help IMMEDIATELY. The doctor will prescribe some medication to make the bad man go away. This guy is living in your head rent-free 24/7 and you’re in a lot of pain.


    Yeah some bigger You Tuber can call me out but I need help because I want to defend myself.

    Dude go fuck yourself.  I am sure you are another one of these douche bags who think Cuties is okay and you don’t see anything wrong with it.

    The asshole was still going at me today on Ryan’s newest video.  I think you have that the other way around you chuckle fuck.

    I am living rent free in his head and is such a coward he can’t confront anyone from G&G staff who have a bigger channel and a voice.

    Instead he blocks them and tries to fuck with Geeks and Gamers supporters and fans.  Because he is a fucking coward.

    Claims we are the facists because we want softcore CP removed from major platforms.  FFS what is wrong with you Route 69?  Or is this you Vito?

    Wouldn’t doubt this you Vito with some kind of account.  I know you have Google alerts for anyone who types your name.

    Fucking clown.


    You are sick. I wasn’t joking the first time and I’m not joking this time. Talk to your parents and tell them how you feel and they’ll do whatever is in their power to help you.

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