WaPo columnist says media has been too biased in reporting on pro-life movement

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    WaPo columnist says media has been too biased in reporting on pro-life movement

    The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan blamed the media Thursday for making a “mess” of abortion rights by allegedly presenting abortion opponents in a favorable light.

    Definitely NOT by the lying legacy media, whom have demonized the Pro-Life movement since it began.

    Sullivan argued the press had “stigmatized” abortion by “accepting” the term “pro-life” to begin with.

    That is what the movement is and has been called since its inception.

    It is about time the media is using the correct name.

    “When journalists agreed to accept terms such as ‘pro-life’ to describe those who oppose abortion, they implicitly agreed to help stigmatize those who support it. After all, what’s the rhetorical opposite of ‘pro-life’?” she asked.

    A democrat.  A science denier.  A biology denier.  etc.

    “Very rarely, if ever, is the reality of what happens in an abortion discussed [by the media],” Dr. Christina Francis, a pro-life OB/GYN, told Fox News Digital in April.

    The dismemberment of a human being which it has been agreed to DO feel pain when they are killed.

    Pro-life scientist Dr. Tara Sander Lee also accused the media of using “political rhetoric” rather than “science” when reporting on abortion issues.


    “In fact, the word ‘abortion’ is often not even used. Instead, they say ‘reproductive healthcare,’ ‘reproductive rights’ or ‘reproductive justice.’ Abortion is a violent procedure that interrupts the natural process of pregnancy with a single intent — to end the life of a developing human being,” Francis added.

    The media and the left can rename it all they want, but the result of this procedure is the same… the willful and premeditative death of a developing human being… MURDER!


    There is simply no rational way to think the media has been too pro-life movement.  Of course the WaPo probably thinks that the mere fact that Tucker Carlson is not in jail for disagreeing with our leftist overlords on something, is proof of right wing bias in all media.   It’s never enough for these totalitarians.

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