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    Ok I am going to watch the anime that are regarding as some of the saddest one’s ever made, any recommendations. Put down the name , I will buy them on Blu ray and watch them.


      These probably aren’t the saddest ever, but they do have some really sad and emotional moment, also i don’t know what anime you’ve watched, so sorry if i recommend stuff you’ve already seen:

      • Attack On Titan
      • Code Geass
      • Demon Slayer (series and movie)
      • Perfect Blue
      • Sword Art Online (second half of season 2’s a really sad arc)

      Let me know if there’s any specific genres you’re looking for, i’ll see what i can find :)


      Alright, you asked for it:

      • Violet Evergarden
      • Fumetsu no Anata e
      • Hotaru no Haka
      • Made in Abyss
      • Jin-Rou
      • Kami no Tou
      • Kobato
      • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
      • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans

      Hotaru no Haka is graveyard of the fireflies if I’m not mistaken.


      Elfen Lied
      Ergo Proxy
      Made in Abyss


      Cowboy Bebop–the last three episodes really pile on the emotional weight.

      Violet Evergarden–most episodes have their emotional moments, but episode 10 is especially wrenching.

      Your Lie In April–seems there may be a theme where the last 3 episodes are most poignant, and that hold true with this series.

      Clannad After Story–honestly, I haven’t watched this, because I’ve heard what happens, and I’m not sure I’m ready for it.

      A Silent Voice–it’s not really so much that it’s sad as that it hits a lot of different emotions.

      86–the first season to this one has just finished, and it’s fire, another one with very moving moments.

      March Comes In Like A Lion–this is one of my top-tier series, and the emotions are many and varied.


      Maybe you need to be more specific what do u mean by sad like the whole thing sad or just anime with some sad moments, because almost every anime especially a long one gonna have those moments.

      Attack On Titan (its brutal yes, but is Walking Dead or Game of Thrones first seasons emotional or whatever? I mean a lot characters die, but overall they are not really sad shows)
      Code Geass (yea, but overall it has good ending, I would call it bitter sweet. in that case Death Note would be sad too, which it kind of is but then not really)

      Demon Slayer (series and movie) (dramatic moments and some characters die yes, but just like any other anime)

      Sword Art Online (second half of season 2’s a really sad arc) (yea Mother Rosario story was sad, but overall anime is not)

      Kami no Tou (Sad? What part of it was sad? Some characters have some brutal background, but overall not really, very rushed anime)

      Ergo Proxy (Really? I would call it dark and deep maybe psychological, but not sad, no not at all)

      Clannad After Story – It has a lot of touching moments, but still ends with a happy ending, so I would not consider its that sad.

      I am just saying my opinion on those animes in case author of the topic meant “sad anime” a bit something else.

      My recommendation would then Air the Movie and Air TV. Tv is more close to visual novel, but movie is more original, buts still tells very touching story overall and well, sad. I did saw them once long ago and couldnt watch again. Also yes, Elfen Lied has brutal and sad story too.

      Your Lie In April have more like a bitter sweet story, because overall series is not really that sad. I guess then I Want to Eat Your Pancreas and Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms would fall in same category too.

      Yea, this needs to be more specific, because touching or dramatic stories or characters with some brutal backgrounds is not really the same as sad and it doesnt make the whole anime sad, at least I would not always call them that. I mean you can then count something like My Hero Academia or Naruto sad too. The most saddest stories are tragic ones basically like everybody dies. Are u looking more for those?

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        She And Her Cat – If you have a cat, this is a real tear jerker 😿

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        Found another anime,In this corner of the world for £5-99 on blu ray, buying it . just from the synopsis, I know this will be a tearjerker.


        “To you eternity” is the saddest one I’ve seen. Still airing as of right now so not sure how It’ll all end but so far it’ll set you up with happiness and hope then like reverse plot armor sometimes terrible happens. Every plot arch will tear your heart out.


        Well just ordered your name on blu ray.I am after the anime that really go down the tragic path.


        Code Geass has a sad story for the two protagonists but also some goofy high school shenanigans and a sad but satisfying ending.

        Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans is just tragic on every level from the start to finish.

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