we are in a culture war and we need to orgnize here

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    we need to organize here and fight back against disney here bbc all these media companies the sjw’s are destroying everything we need to get organized here and protest making youtubes about isnt doing anything we need to get the fandom menace everyone organized here and fight this shit or we all might as well give up on entertainment in general here we need the following

    we need a database or list or people who cancelled disneyplus that we can show disney and anyone looking at this list can see the money their losing daily

    we need a organized protest in front of disney not just for gina but for luke and them hiring racists and firing conservatives all of it we need to get a fucking movement going here like the sjw’s have

    monetizing this shit on youtube is fine but at some point what are you youtubers going to have to monetize? everything is going to shit or has gone to shit everyone is going to get to a point where they walk at some point

    this will not end with gina theyre never satisified sjw’s can never get enough there miserable shits and theyll keep doing this and doing this until we bleed these companies dry of subscribers and income and revenue

    this is literally the real life version of ready player one here. I get it a lot of people cant do anything they have jobs and shit but we need to do more then making youtubes about this shit


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    Hard to cancle something I refused to pay for.
    But yes Non SJWs need to get our shit together and unionize.


    I’ll gladly give my name if there is a section for never signed up because of wokeness. I’m also pretty enraged by Disney thinking they can wiggle out of royalty payments to EU writers. That makes me wish I had a trust fund and a law degree so I could litigate that to the ends of the earth.


    We need to make our own entertainment. If we continue to support them, then we’ll just lose anyway


    Im watching old ass films on disk and reading books Ive had for years.

    Im not giving anyone money that I dont have to.


    Like I said in another thread and previously, buy physical media (before it gets censored).

    Purchase novels and such second hand.  That way your hard earned dollars does not go to support the corporations who hates you.

    Let those woke businesses go broke!


    We must keep fighting for:



    Common sense


    Everybody on this website should get together and build something.  We must keep fighting the garbage!




    Just remember, it starts with your wallet.

    Personally, I’m done giving money to the Star Wars brand until, at the very least, Kathleen Kennedy is fired.  I’m not buying merch, I’m not buying their new garbage comics, and I’m sure as hell not watching their Disney+ shows.

    If enough people stop giving them what they want (money), this shit will stop.  But only then.


    Cant stop soon nuff.

    The entire leadership tier at NOT-Lucasfilm needs to be disintegrated.


    Right now, I am just one man with a tiny voice on a platform. At this time, making a video like this is all I can do until my voice gets bigger. I found this article today, and I feel as though it is appropriate for this topic. It struck me to the core, so I realized…hell…I can make a video.



    This f***ing lockdown is child abuse


    Hollywood is completely taken by SJWs.

    We need to create another Hollywood and keep it away from the woke mob.

    Manga and Anime is becoming the last hope of geeks around the world but the SJW mob is beginning to attack them.


    SJWs have been going after manga and anime for years.  Thankfully, Japan has never and will never bend the knee to them.  They just don’t care.  Wish more creatives in the West would do the same.


    Kids are almost immune to the WuFlu. Keeping them out of school will do nothing but make them even more stupid than the Department of Indoctranation has set out to do.

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