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    Since SJWs love to make male characters like Thor into females then I say we make female characters into males and also change female lead franchises too.

    I say we take Sailor Moon and make it a totally radioactive boys club and have the female Sailor Moon drink green space cow milk and not save the world like she used to and she became a stripper so the fate of the world falls to her son. Call it Marine Moon!!!!!

    I say we take the Power Puff Girls and add a Y gene into the chemical mix and have the Power Puff Boys.

    I say we do a live action Alien movie with Jason Mamoa as the star instead of a chick like all the other Alien live action films, it seems sexist and unfair that men always have to die first in horror movies and not survive to the very end of it unlike women in horror movies….that is inequality.

    I say we take Sex and the City and make it all about some 20 something dudes that are the sons of the four women from Sex and the City. And the sons are total Alphas scoring hot chicks every week and while getting drunk.

    I say we remake The Wild Thornberries with a boy named Eric Thornberry who is a total Gary Stu which is the male equivalent of a Mary Sue for women and have him talk to animals and ask Darwin the chimp how to score women.

    And his aunt is Eliza Thornberry the original star of the show who now developed a drug addiction to crack to subvert expectations because now animals now hate her or something?

    And I say we make the main character in future Metriod games, a dude and have him be called Samual Aran the son of Samus Aran and Samus quit bounty hunting along with saving the universe forever to become a full time party stripper to pay for her son’s college tuition and Samus becomes a total milf that keeps sleeping with her son’s college friends like she was Stiffler’s mom does in the American Pie movies or something and Samual Aran is like “Mom stop having sex with my college roommates and college Dean……the college already said they are now letting me study free of charge now stop before my buddy Jim ends being my new dad.”

    But Samus won’t stop because she is making up for lost times of not having more sex with enough men because of her job requiring her to wear her robot suit and killing scary space monsters all the time.

    And Samus over her last 21 years became the sexy space milf that all the guy’s at the space colleges all throughout the galaxy want to have sex with because Samus’ famous screw attack is legendary and make any virgin nerd into a radioactive man with hair on his chest.

    And I say we do this to Tomb Raider too where Lara Croft like Samus Aran becomes that sexy single milf mother that quit her job as a heroine to be a stripper and sleep with all her son’s college friends to get him free college lessons.

    And I say we keep making all the female superheroes and heroes become that hot single mom that every guy at a college party ends up sleeping with to mark them turning 21 years old.

    And I say we remake She-Re but her a hot single mom also and the main character in the show is her son Steve who goes and hangouts with his awesome Uncle He-Man as they kick Skeletor’s ass and they pick up hot chicks then get drunk but we still call it She-Ra and all She-Ra does is look hot and not fight.

    And if the SJWs hate this we say “If you don’t like our product don’t watch it we don’t need your non existent money.”

    If you guys haven’t figured it all by now, I am just trolling with you all like Ethan Van Sciver did when he did the male versions of female characters video.


    I have seen this on Pinterest and liked it because over there on Pinterest, it is done in a spirit of creativity instead of an intent on messing with the original characters.


      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Some of the story lines you proposed are actually pretty good, i mean female superheroes are gonna age, and maybe have kids, and possibly have sons, and there’s no reason their sons shouldn’t be able to take over their moms mantels after they retire


      I want a version of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ were the Bennet sisters are gender-swapped to the Bennet brothers😂. Mr Darcy would actually be a “snobby” woman and Mr Bingly would be a saint of a woman whilst her brothers look on in annoyance at her courting Jamie Bennet (I presume you can call a male version of Jane, Jamie)😂.



      The Jason Mamoa as a main lead in an alien film story line? The Powerpuff Boys? Marine Moon? Sex and the City but with dudes instead of ladies?

      It would be funny if someone like Kamran Pasha got his hands on a female lead property then gender bent it to be a guy franchise then……it made crap tons of money unlike say Ocean’s 8. 2016 Ghost Busters is Get Woke, Go Broke and Marine Moon would be Get Sleepy, Get Money lol 😂😀


      How about we gender swap Jem and the Holograms 😂? Not sure what the male equivalent of Jem would be or the female version of Rio would be😂.


      Hail EVS



      A gender swap Jem and the Holograms would be KISS on Scooby Doo

    Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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