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    Pleasure to meet everyone. I’m Austin. Currently stuck in Hiroshima but will make my move to North America once COVID restrictions are lifted.

    Aspiring novelist and storyteller. I did webcomics last year but decided to stop it and move on,

    but I will be resurrecting my comic’s characters and storylines in written form.

    My comics can be read for free here:


    The novel that I’m currently writing will be a mix of dark fantasy, horror and historical adventure.

    It’ll be about liches and mummies set in the modern time with flashbacks to the ancient past.

    Here’s a preview of my main antihero character who was a monk samurai in his mortal life. In a series of chaotic events, he transformed himself into a lich to uncover the answers concerning life, death, undeath and enlightenment.


    My stories are influenced by my training as a monk (which I sucked at); years as a plant medicine practitioner; being a traveling amateur folklorist; and lessons learnt in life.

    Yet equally important, I write stories and draw images to rebel against the SJW nonsense happening in media right now that are hurting story quality and storytelling as a whole. Stories are a way for me to both give a commentary on current events and to exorcise my inner demons, while also providing inspiration to the readers — while also (hopefully) overcome the SJW narrative through creative art forms.

    I’ll make my stories freely available for everybody to read.

    Cheers, Geeks + Gamers. Looking forward to interacting with you all.

    @Andrew – Please keep up the good work and I’d love to see an improved blog system in Geeks + Gamers. That will allow me to post my stories there for free while also interact with the readers. I also look forward to reading your separate thread on blogs so I can follow the rules and post at the same time. If you have already written a post on blogs, please lead me to there. Thank you.

    @Legatus – DnD player too over here. DnD and Gary Gygax being massive inspirations of mine.








    Hi all, I’m Scott… Screen name Mustangride1…. Had that name since Prodigy and AOL yup im old and had the Internet pay to play bills to prove it.
    I’ve slayed many troll and burned down many of their bridges. Use to play many games online but now just down to World of Warships as retirement has me working more than when I had my own company or ran companies…

    So Hello and some words of advise;

    1. Never retire, because everyone will find ways to keep you busy
    2. Internet trolls are older than most of you, and ignoring them is still the best way to make them go away. Problem is beating them is so much funner
    3. Remember people who play hero’s on tv or the internet are not. Your Mom, Dad, First Responders and Military are cherish them and remember this most of all, one day when you are the parent and your child becomes a hero by joining the Service, it was much easier raising that child than the worry you have for them then.


    Yo fellow internets! ShaddaShk here, aka as DiveDeepDown on other social media. Just now getting back into gaming after a 5 year hiatus and can’t wait to get my skill back to where it use to be. Didn’t realize G+G had a forum until I heard it mentioned on a recent YouTube video and wanted to make my way down. So big hello and I love to start talking with a bunch of you and hope to connect with some fellow gamers and throw explosives at you.


    Hello. I’m a long time fan and I’m sub to you you tube and other site… You and other of your group had help me get another view point that was missing from main stream news..

    I hate what CBS had done with Star Trek.I hate what Disney had done with Star Wars,I left them long ago when they say they didn’t want my old money,so I never give them a dime! and Hate what happen to Dr Who…

    I hate that this woke stuff had ruin The Last Of US series forever. I would never buy anything with Neil pussy face name in it…

    Cancel Disney Plus


    Hi everyone, signed up a few weeks ago but just stumbled upon this thread.

    I have been following Geeks + Gamers for a few years now since I found you on Youtube. As I was very frustrated with The Last Jedi, I found the channel by coincidence.

    Needless to say, I am a huge Star Wars fan, but after Disney took over from Lucas, I wasn’t satisfied with the heavy majority they have been pumping out. The only things I genuinely enjoyed are The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars Season 7 (at least the last 4 episodes which were incredible) and partially Rebels.

    I also love The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones (although like many, I was very disappointed with Season 8).

    That’s about the geek in me, but I am also a gamer (Playstation and Nintendo). I am not active in the Playstation Network, but I do play online on the Nintendo Switch (mostly Mario Kart 8 deluxe). If anybody wants to add me, my Nintendo friend code is SW-5828-2570-6306. It might be difficult to meet regularly as I live in Europe, but at least I am very competitive in Mario Kart. :-)


    Hello Everybody, I’m Doctor Nic.

    Actually, I’m not a Doctor nor play one on TV and name isn’t Nic.  go by “Stormtracker” or “Not That Joe The Other Joe” or just Joe

    I have been a PC gamer since the early 90’s started in the DOS era with my parents i386. First game I bought with my own money was Sid Meier’s Civilization. I generally play single player games a few MMO’s. Someday CFO may let me buy a console. Also grew up watching Classic Dr. Who on PBS and Star Trek reruns.  And reading Star Trek technical manuals, Star Wars Novels and other Sci-Fi like DUNE.

    I really enjoy playing the following series: Tomb Raider, Guild Wars ,GW2, Civilization1-6, Witcher, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, StarCraft, Diablo, and Mass Effect (even MEA despite its many flaws)

    Normally I’m antisocial. I hate PSTD.. Deleted my Facebook account several years back tried Twitter but got burned out by all hatred towards everyone there.

    Found G&G through Nerdrotic.



    I’ve been meaning to come on here for a while now but I’ve been watching G+G since towards the end of 2019.

    I recently got into Star Wars last April/May because I finally gave in to my curiosity about it after many years and have enjoyed the original films and the prequels. No I’ve not watched the sequels and I don’t plan on doing so from what I’ve been hearing about them but I’ve been curious about whether or not to watch Rogue One if only for the Vader scene at the end (which looks awesome from what I’ve seen on YT). I’ve also been considering watching The Clone Wars and I admit I think I might’ve gotten a slight interest in The Mandalorian because of what’s been currently going on and I’ve heard that it’s supposed to be mainly good for most of the part.

    I’m a Disney fan but I hate their current attitude towards the fan base as well as Marvel’s current attitude too.

    I got into comics way back in 2004, starting with DC and then Marvel a year later.

    As for gaming…one of my first consoles was an AMEGA (can’t remember which type though) but as for proper console, it was the MegaDrive and I’ve loved gaming since. I’ve been falling back to retro gaming however because I’m not a massive fan of the whole “online gaming” thing. Call me old-school but I’d rather be offline when I’m gaming!

    I also enjoy reading a lot to the point where I’m sure I can hear my bookshelves cry every time I get a new book!


    Hi @DragonLady, welcome to the G+G forums 🐲

    Happy to hear we’re still getting new Star Wars fans after the … ehm … sequel fiasco 😅

    I highly recommend watching Clone Wars, both 2003 and 2008 series, they’re fantastic, 2008 Clone Wars is my fave cartoon of all time 😸

    Mandalorian is great, Rogue One’s cool, and imo Rebels is fun too

    As for the rest of the movies and series, I guess if you’re curious watch them if not don’t

    And if you’re into books, Star Wars has a whole expanded universe full of them 📚 Hope your bookshelves don’t cry if you decide to explore the Star Wars EU


    Hi all! Just wanting to say thx to geeks and gamers for somewhere I can relate! I’m not on any social media and have pretty much being living on YouTube for longer than I’d like to admit.

    Keep up speaking for what was once the downtrodden, geeks and gamers!



    Hey all.

    Oye, another introduction thread. You’d think after a few of these I’d be comfortable making that introduction…well, here goes.

    My name’s Chris: Gen X (nods to Gary), fan of movies, video games, music, podcasting, streaming, and good stories.

    I think it was Nerdrotic that first got me started down this rabbit hole of pop culture commentary, and now here I am. Looking forward to talking to people.


    Hello there

    My name is Tiago, a recent fan of G+G all the way from Portugal

    I descovered G+G recently and I’ve been absolutely  loving this community and the idea of G+G

    Big fan of Star Wars, DC and Game of Thrones (movies, games, comics all of it)


    Hi all.

    I watched the Snyder cut last night, went to bed, woke up and shit had hit the fan.

    I’m not always Jeremy’s biggest fan, but he didn’t deserve to be publicly slandered by someone whose charity he was supporting.

    So, I made an account to support the site and Jeremy.

    I have a youtube channel, but I’m a student so it gets updated sporadically.

    Hail to everyone.


    @TiagoSLB98 welcome lampião do caralho xD

    have fun here and keep posting ;)


    Hi G & G,

    My screen name is ThrillHouse, but my real name is Milhouse. Actually, it’s Scott and I’m a big Simpsons fan (at least up to season 8). I’m new to this website and these forums. I would love to start my own Youtube channel, but I’m quite uncomfortable with my face being on camera. I’m not sure why, but I have this fear of being recognized in public. I was wondering if people like Jeremy and others that have popular Youtube channels have now themselves become celebrities. Do they get recognized in public, and if so, what percentage would be positive vs negative interactions.



    I’ve been watching G&G for a few years now. Gary from Nerdrotic, Az from HeelvsBabyface, YoungRippa, etc.

    I am a white male (ohh no!!). I am a person who spends most my time alone, partly because at my age, 46, most people are NOT into the things I am into. Partly because I live on night shift since I work nights. And, partly because I am not interested in drama in my life. I also live in area where it’s mostly boring college and sports types, which is not me. Then we have the fact that where I live is very “left”, and I am not left. I have also been single for many many years unfortunately. I would like not to be, but when you are 46 and into the things I am into with my night shift schedule, it’s not easy to find anyone. The dating sites are also devoid of interest, I’ve tried them all and no luck. I only made a friend or two. No, I am not an ugly troll, I actually take care of myself and ride my bike. But hey, in our current media induced division, try to go out on a date and tell the girl you voted for Trump…..

    I am very much into metal and goth, as in VERY much. My home is decorated in that aesthetic, as my clothing. Music is a large part of me and my life since I am a musician. (one of my old bands with me on drums : https://youtu.be/6Ufty9KcObo ). I love all things Japanese, including Kawaii Metal and all the great music they have coming from Japan, there is a LOT of it too. I love the culture, the language, and the people. I am self learning Japanese, slowly. lol.

    I love Sci-Fi and the dystopian. I like the darker things, and aesthetic. I am, or rather WAS until Disney came along, a Star Wars fan. I have an entire room of SW stuff, which is mostly all in boxes now. I have read over 100 of the books, I don’t care of they are “canon” or not. They are to me. When I was 4yrs old I saw the original Star Wars in 1977 10 times and when I saw Darth Vader on screen I said to myself “I want to be him”. So yes, I like the dark stuff. But, then you have the fact that I absolutely love Ahsoka Tano and all the kawaii stuff in Japan. : )

    I am a gamer, but not as much as I used to be. Partly because I do not like a lot of the direction the industry has headed in, that being identity politics and loot boxes. I am also NOT a multiplayer/competitive gamer. I am for that matter not a competitive person either. I like to play games and enjoy myself, tog et lost and escape, not put up with other people. So, I am more into games like Ghosts of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn, and the Batman Arkham games. I own 15 consoles and over 400 games. But, I don’t have a PS5 or XSeriesX…which is probably not a surprise since they are near divine intervention to obtain. I will say, I hated The Last of Us (I never bothered with the sequel) and do NOT understand all the hype that series gets.

    I do not participate in the social media hysteria and idiocy. I have twitter, facebook etc. But I do not post, I find it a waste of time since people wont discuss things without acting like Neanderthals. I just have them to follow things/people I have interest in. I prefer civility and intellectual conversion. Critical Thinking. I watch people like Tim Pool, Jordan Peterson, and Micheal Savage even though he is partly retired now sadly. Andy Ngo has also done a lot of good things imo.

    I am not a social butterfly. But, I take people at face value, and treat everyone with respect until they give me reason not to based on their attitude and actions. Race and gender are irrelevant to me, but sadly our media and government want everyone divided and at each others throats based on those things.

    That’s enough about me. Hope to have some good conversation and meet a few decent people on here.

    jaa mata!!!

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