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    Welcome to the G&G Forums @Evc316 Eric.

    As for Star Wars, we can always enjoy those made by George Lucas.  Return of the Jedi is a perfect stop point for most long term fans.

    So do join the conversations, or start a new one.


    -Walks out of the shadows- I bid you greetings and salutations one and all and bid a hearty hail. I am called Animeman73.  I’ve been lurking around this site for some time and finally decided to introduce myself. First off it should be known I’m legally blind, have Asperger’s, and I’ve been a geek into science fiction and fantasy to name a few things for many years. I am also a published author and continue to write still. I publish my work on the Alt-tech platforms Minds.com and have a Subscribestar account.I also am on Gab, and MeWe. I’ve left links in my profile. If you want to check out my work.  I’m also a martial artist.

    I am huge into the old Star Wars (Not the Disney stuff), the old Star trek, anime, The Diskworld Novels, Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Mercedes lackey, I am a card-carrying anime and Yu-Gi-Oh fan to name a few things.

    I’ll be around if anyone wishes to talk, until then be well all. May the light of honor, respect, and positivity lead us all to a better tomorrow.

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    Welcome aboard, @Animeman73


    Hello there. How’s everyone doing? Here and on YouTube I go by the name Operation 1. Been a long time fan and subscriber of Jeremy and geeks and gamers and I finally decided to make an account here. Still learning the website so I thought I’d come here and introduce myself first. How’s everyone doing?


    [FADE IN] Hail and Welcome to the G&G Forums @Operation1

    Lots of categories and threads and topics around here.

    Join in on the topics that interest you, and create some new ones if you don’t see one already.


    Thanks. I appreciate the warm welcome 😃


    Just joined the forum. This is actually the first forum I’ve joined in years. The last one I was on was the Outhousers before that went under. I’m an indy writer with currently five books available. Sixth is almost done. Should be able to do three maybe four this year. So, I used to be into Star Trek, DC, Doctor Who, speculative fiction and all of that. Still am a bit, but its hard for me to stay excited for the old stuff when nothing new worthwhile comes out to reignite the passion for me. Also, I think Justified is the greatest television show ever made. Also a bit of a hardcore cinephile. Been a pretty avid gamer ever since the days of NES. So I’ll probably be popping into topics about retro gaming and some current gaming as well.


    Hey welcome aboard. I’m also new here, trying to find my place here. I know what you mean about the forum thing. It’s been a few years for me as well since I last joined a new forum. I’m also an aspiring writer. Working on my first novel and I spent ten years writing fanfiction online and I take it you have as well. Small world huh?

    I also like to listen to soundtrack music, read occasionally and build dioramas and a die hard back to the future fan


    Welcome to the G&G Forums @StrongStyleFiction

    Five books?

    We have a form for books.  So do share and let us know what you got published.


    Thank you for the welcome. @Legatus_Legionis, I’ll be sure to do that.



    Justified is definitely on my Top 5 TV Shows  :D

    We dug coal together. ;)


    Hail all!

    I’ve been a professional lurker for the past few years, watching and reading without commenting or posting.  I figured it was high time to re-introduce myself to the forum.

    I’m a 30-something, food-loving, costume-making nerd. I love figuring out how to incorporate my love of fandom into my everyday life via art, fashion, and design. I’m not much of a gamer, but I’m an avid watcher of the MarioKart streams. I love Lucas’ Star Wars, Tolkien ‘s LotR, and Rowling’s Harry Potter. I love classic literature and classic movies. I don’t know where I’ll fit amongst the forums, but I’m interested to see what happens as I hope to be more active here in the future rather than just lurking.

    Here’s to what comes next!



    Welcome to being an active member of the forums @satinandstardust


    I am Brian Belmont as the name suggests.

    I am a study of art and literature, of swords and monsters.  It is the family after all. I listen to 80s metal. Play old school video games. Such as arcade, NES and SNES titles, weight lift & enjoy stimulating deep conversations about philosophy – spirituality. The fellow in the picture is me taken here at my loft in Reykjavik, Iceland.

    I look forward to screening all of you for vampirism as this is a known plague within the world.


    A rose for all those ladies…


    Welcome to the forums @Brian_Belmont87

    We have plenty of gamers here, and a few authors as well, from all over the place.

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 129 total)
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