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    Let me know if you want a reaction or review to one of the series that I listed in my updated timeline:

    • My Dress Up Darling
    • Attack on Titan Final Season part 2
    • The Genius Price’s Guide to Getting a Nation Out of Debt
    • Akame Ga Kill! the series (Season 1 and Season 2)
    • Demon Slayer series (Season 1, Season 2, Mugen Train)
    • Cowboy Bebop
    • 86-Eighty Six series (Season 1 and Season 2)
    • The Rising of the Shield Hero (at a later date when catch up to Season 2)

      Let me know if you want a reaction or review to one of the series that I listed in my updated timeline:

      AOT review please :3


      I’d really like to see either an Attack on Titan or Cowboy Bebop review. I’ll make sure to watch it!


      I started watching Dororo, it’s so good! :D



        I started watching Dororo, it’s so good! :D

        Nice :3 I love that anime

        Are you watching the 2019 one or the 1960s one?


          Started watching Tomodachi Game, Spy x Family, and Mob Psycho 100


          Am On Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

          And Show By Rock


          Both are Funny,, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is Very Funny.


          Just finished Season 1 of the Rising of the Shield Hero yesterday. I watched the first episode of the Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 today.

          Initial reaction: Great main character in Naofumi, supporting cast has both its good moments and bad moments (For the good, Raphtalia is a good character with a tragic backstory and pivotal importance. As for the bad, the three heroes outside of Naofumi [the Shield Hero] are annoying and very generic to the typical secondary arc’s antagonists to turn out to be good guys later cliche.) The setting is a medieval in nature with RPG stats and power-ups for the characters to develop in power. The weakness of the show is the antagonists of the king, the first princess, and the main antagonists during the “Waves” (which are apocalyptic events). The usage of time is also a problem in the show when it comes to the timeline in the story and how the secondary characters develop over time. Overall, the story beats follow the shonen tropes to the letter which may not suit audiences that want both complex and complicated stories such as an seinen animes like Berserk. However, if your expectations are low to average on this anime, at least give it a first time watch. For a score, I would give the anime an 8/10.

          As for anime reviews, I have not been in the forums in a while, but I will give anime review videos a try and release them at a later date. For a disclaimer, be prepared that the videos I make are not going to be high video quality and the audio of my voice is a bit more southern in accent. In other words, my videos can be in high definition (HD) but I do not have the ability to make them at 60 FPS or 4k. In terms of release, I will make it a new forum for each review and create a link in a new post when I am finished.


          @DigiCat , the 2019 one =)

          I’m watching because you suggested it here somewhere before, so thanks :D

          small spoiler alert
          In the beginning, i had no idea Dororo was a girl haha, although the eyes always looked a little bit girly xD

          it’s such a cool anime, gives me some samurai champloo + berserk vibes.


          I was watching Saiki yesterday. Used to watch this with a family member who isn’t living with me anymore. I wonder if they remember this anime? It’s quite fast-paced and  funny.


          Watch Show By Rock #

          Show By Rock Mashumairesh!!


          I am currently watching both Higehiro (surprisingly good characters and well written story and dialogue. Wasn’t expecting that from a slice of life/romantic comedy series) and Tokyo Revengers (just started it, but good so far).


            Sword Art Online. I had never watched it. It is on Netflix now, so making my way through all of it. Really enjoying the hell out of it.

            Parasite. On Netflix. It is very good.

            I am a big fan of anime like Your Name and A Silent Voice.

            Most the other anime I watch is NSFW. :)

            Also, not anime. But I am watching Tokyo Vice. What a GREAT show. Sugoi-desu!!!


            Anime that I have currently watched this week:

            Date a Live Season 1 (Dub): It is a tough season to get through due to the cringeworthy dialogue, the simplistic story, and I really despise the main character’s younger sister (Kurome). Currently on episode 4.

            Ranking of Kings: This anime is a must-watch. The characters are unique, the art and the animation is unique and cartoony but made from the studio that made the first 3 seasons of Attack on Titan. I will definitely watch this season through from beginning to end. Currently episode 2.

            Kagaya-sama: Love is War: Great first episode. The comedy and romantic tension is on a different level from My Dress Up Darling and a good way to expand my horizons on the romantic genre of anime. I hope that there are more characters and different settings in future episodes to come. Currently episode 2.

            Spy x Family: Another must-watch anime. If you have to watch one anime this season then this is the one. Twilight is a complex character with an interesting back story, Yor is a beautiful yet complex character as well, but Anya is the best character in the show. Cannot wait for the next episode. Currently waiting for episode 3 next week.


            Pacific Rim: The Black

            Pacific Rim: The Black is an episodic series, building on the story of Pacific Rim the original film and Pacific Rim Uprising. The series follows a brother (Taylor) and his younger sister (Hayley), who learn to pilot an abandoned Jaeger to cross a post-apocalyptic Australia overwhelmed by the Kaiju and search for their parents that headed to Sydney in their own Jaeger

            Set in the same universe as the first movie and after an alternate version of events from Pacific Rim: Uprising, a race of monsters called Kaiju arise from the Pacific Rim and overrun the continent of Australia. Humans build gigantic armed robots, Jaegers, to fight back, but fail and the continent is abandoned leaving only isolated pockets of survivors. Teenage siblings Taylor and Hayley Travis are left behind by their parents who leave to combat the Kaiju but never return. Five years later, Hayley stumbles across a long-abandoned training Jaeger called Atlas Destroyer which she and Taylor activate and set out on a quest to find their parents. They not only have to deal with marauding Kaiju, but other survivors who are also fighting for survival and attempt to seize Atlas Destroyer themselves.

            Not really official anime since it’s out of Australia, but I think anime is the way forward for neglected franchises.

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