What anime are you currently watching/just watched?


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    Ousama Ranking is really very good. I wasn’t expecting to watch this and feeling like I’m watching Game of Thrones lol


    I have not watched Game of Thrones, but I can definitely feel the dark fantasy vibes. I am currently on episode 12.


    I watched Show By Rock Stars, which was fun.


    Started watching Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road, awaiting Episode 5 as it’s a new show.

    Heres what the Guide says;

    When interdimensional travelers from an otherworldly land known as “Japan” appear, they often bring death and destruction. It’s up to Executioners like Menou to track and exterminate the Lost Ones before they wreak havoc. When Menou encounters a beguiling Lost One named Akari, it’s bloody business as usual… until Menou discovers Akari can cheat death, that is. Even so, Menou has a job to do, and she is committed to her executioner’s mission come hell or high water — provided her newly stirring feelings don’t get in the way.


    So far it’s been great. There is no Dubbed version yet sadly.

    I am also trying to get into  Healer Girl.

    Here is the guide; The story will follow four girls who seek to use their songs to heal and soothe the people of their world. The tagline reads, “Kindhearted, powerful songs heal the world. These are beautiful miracles sung by humanity.”


    It aint bad so far, some often funny parts. It’s new and is not Dubbed yet and awaiting Episode 6




    Started watching KonoSuba. Pretty hilarious so far.


    Spy X Family

    High budget quality animation with wholesome content. We might be looking at anime of the year, here.

    EDIT: YouTube goes after videos like a father protecting his daughter’s virginity, here’s a different one:


    Finished Season 1 of Code Geass and set to watch season 2 in the near future. Also watched My Dress-Up Darling and currently brainstorming the next anime.


    Shinzo Abe may no longer be Prime Minister, but I swear this is subliminal propaganda to encourage more Japanese Millennials to start families. It’s too heckin’ cute.




      I’m watching Spy x Family too :D

      Also been watching Summertime Render which looks really interesting

      Watched Bubble last night, very cute and wholesome story with beautiful animation

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      “Hyoujin: BLADES OF THE GUARDIANS,” based on a popular historical martial arts manhwa created by Xianzhe Xu.
      Scheduled for a release in 2023.


      Update from week 4/24 – 5/1:

      Date a Live Season 1 (Dub): After episode 10, I dropped the series. The reason is because the plot and progression of each episodes were becoming repetitive formulaic. Another reason is because all the characters are one-dimensional and bland outside of Tohka and Kurome. The third reason is because I do not like Shido and Kotori and when I discovered that incest was a thing in this anime because Kotori was a spirit then I was out.

      Spy x Family: This season’s favorite anime. The main characters are enjoyable and the plot has multiple twists and turns. It was a surprise to me that the characters failed in the last episode and it is a breath of refresh air that they still want to be together despite having a “fake” family. Another thing to note is the comedy is fantastic  and grounded with a lot of wholesome jokes that are both innocent in nature and funny in design. The music is also a blast to listen to having both the opening and the ending in my music library. Currently on episode 4 waiting on the next one, the english dub is also very good and has finished episode 3.

      Gurren Lagann: Another anime that is enjoyable. Within this anime, the main characters are using mechas in order to survive the surface world’s empire after being underground for so long. The reason that it is enjoyable is that the main characters are multi-dimensional and human in the ways that they rely on each other to overcome their struggles and grow with the circumstances that life presents them. The strengths of this anime is the plot and worldbuilding. However, the anime can get boring to some between episodes 4 and 6 but picks back up in episode 7. Warning: do not get attach to characters. Currently on episode 11.

      Ranking of Kings: A great anime recommendation. If you are looking for a dark fantasy anime then this is one. The ending was a little bit lackluster for the last two episodes. However, it is not about the destination, but about the journey. It follows the main character of Bojji as he learns how to overcome his disabilities and to believe in himself in order to fight evil forces and save his kingdom from his father’s past mistakes. In terms of both characters and plot, this is a must-watch if you have not seen it this year. Do not miss. (Finished the entire first season)

      Kaguya-sama: Love is War: The best romcom that I have ever watched in the anime genre. If you are looking for a good time and want to turn your brain off then watch this anime. I have binge watched all of the first season, second season, and catch up to where the third season is currently. Kaguya is a unique girl with both nobility problems, high school problems, and romantic problems, but she enjoys the time that she spends with her little group of student council members. If you are looking for different types of comedy with a romantic plot then watch this anime.

      One Piece Season 1: One of my favorite animes. I enjoy re-watching the show from where it all began and learning about the One Piece world. It is also interesting to look back on how Luffy accepted each of his pirate crew mates and their struggles in order for each of them to join his Straw Hat crew. I really enjoy stories that have action, adventure, good worldbuilding, and an interesting plot or goal for the main character to face. Overall, I have watched ten episodes already for season 1 and plan on finished this season this month. Highly recommend this anime, if you have the time for it.



      I recently watched the entirety of Goblin Salyer. I can say this aanime is bloody, gritty, in your face no nonsense. And I love it!


        Finished Re:Zero season 2 after about a year of dropping in and out of it. It introduced some nice characters, fleshing out and development for both new and old characters, and expanded on worldbuilding. However, the pacing was incredibly sluggish, with an excess of flashbacks, exposition, and dialogue that seemed to drag its feet to get to some sort of point. Felt like it tried to cram so much in this one.

        Oh, and not much Rem either.

        I still am glad to have finished it, and want to see more of the story. At the same time, this season felt mixed with both strong upsides hindering downsides.

        Spy X Family was one I started this week, and am really loving it. I was hooked on the first episode. It’s been both heartwarming and hilarious, and I’ve been replaying individual scenes on YouTube just to hold me over until the next episode arrives.


          At the moment, my folks and I are rewatching the first season of Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 in preparation for the release of the second half this month (how many people are lucky enough to have an 85 year old dad and 75 year old mum who love anime?) Meanwhile, having adored The Castle of Cagliostro (Lupin III), I’ve picked up Lupin III: Part IV, Lupin III: The First and Lupin III: The Girl Called Fujiko Mine as I want to see more. I picked up the English dub of Lupin III: Part IV. I gave it a lot of thought, because I often watch anime both ways: dub first, then sub, but as the two versions are structured differently and have separate releases, I’ll take the English version out of preference for now. 5 Centimeters Per Second is next on my list as I’ve loved Makoto Shinkai’s other films.


          Finished watching KonoSuba Seasons 1 and 2. Now watching Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and Code Geass Season 2.

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