What anime are you currently watching/just watched?

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    Haven’t watched any anime for a loooooooonnnnngggg time. But back in the day, I was really into The Vision of Escaflowne.





    I am currently watching Burn The Witch,Yashahime,and  Highschool of the Dead



    New Getter Robo. Good ol’ fashioned super robot fun that’s also a call back to retro anime. Really want another anime.



    Started Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina a few days ago. Based on the first three episodes, it seems to be more episodic in that each episode has its own contained plot/s. It’s not a structure I usually watch in anime, but the first two were pretty fun, and the third…woah, that sure got dark. I’m liking what’s been shown to me, and will keep up with the rest.

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    I just finished watching the Greed Island Arc and it was awesome. So Chimera Ant Arc here I come.


    I just started watching L-Gaim and Lord of Vermillion Crimson King.


      Just finished watching Neon Genesis Evangelion

      pen pen


        Started watching Code Geass — Guess i’m into giant fighting robots lately 😁🤖

        eva01 Guren_Flight-Enabled_Version1



        Currently Watching

        • Jujutsu Kaisen (Favorite this season)
          • Ending Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWEm4tA2hMc 
          • A violent, brawler, dark anime that was a total surprise for me. I really hope this show does not go under the radar because it is soo good and every anime fan needs to watch this. It sprinkles in silly moments to offset the serious tone, but it does it in a way that isn’t annoying.
        • Fire Force
          • Season 1, second intro song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0WClcc-aVs 
          • Last year, after hearing that Funimation was in on the production of this show, I avoided Fire Force for a bit. I decided to give the show a watch this year and it has been a great watch. Lots of fanservice! The second OP intro during season 1 is heavy metal goodness.
        • Akudama Drive
          • This show is a good watch with high quality animation.
        • Naruto (2002)
          • I skipped Naruto for some time, but decided to give it a shot when the COVID lockdown began and it’s a fun silly time with some more serious moments. Lee (inspired by Bruce Lee but with bushy eyebrows) is my absolute favorite character in the show.
        • Ronin Warriors (1988 – Childhood favorite)

        Recently Finished

        • Vinland Saga (Excellent – Solid ‘A’ rating from me)
          • Vikings! An emotional journey and an excellent, must watch recommendation from me. The first OP intro for season 1 is really captivating with a great song choice. Do not miss this show.
        • Demon King Daimao (Recent rewatch – Good, but rushed towards end – ‘B-‘ rating)
          • Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTeKndiv7ZM 
          • This show has the catchiest intro song. A fun watch with a lot of fanservice and an unrated version is also available. The English dub and voice overs are terrible, but hilarious if you like dick jokes and the like. This show was dubbed before the heavy handed PC culture of recent years.
        • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (My personal favorite Gundam – ‘A+’ rating)
          • Iron-Blooded Orphans is my personal favorite Gundam series (next to Zeta Gundam). What I like best about this series is the strong likable characters who constantly undergo real sacrifice to survive. Gundam pilots are not some gifted new types born with special abilities, but rather, to pilot a Gundam, it requires the pilot to have a neural interface surgically installed and the surgery itself has a high mortality.

        I plan on starting watching Rising of the Shield Hero. I just finished watching Lord of Vermillion weeks ago. Plan on finishing L-Gaim and Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures Stardust Crusaders Season 2 real soon.


        I’m currently watching Cowboy Bebop (about halfway through). I’ve already watched My Hero Academia, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, One Punch Man, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. My favorite of all of them so far is JoJo (as you can probably tell by my profile pic). After Bebop, I plan on either watching Kill la Kill or Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Which should I watch first, or should I watch something else instead?


        Pen Pen is adorable.


        I just started a Rising of the Shield Hero and it’s good and I hope Myne gets what she deserves although I remember watching the video of Myne getting what she deserves and I just seen 5 Episodes of Rising of the Shield Hero since I plan on watching Rising of the Shield Hero 5 Episodes at a day.


        Great! Stardust Crusaders is probably my favorite part in all of JoJo. Hope you enjoy!


        Haven’t seen that. How is it?

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