What characters would you like to see on the big screen from the Star Wars EU ?


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    Ok guys and gals, What characters would you like to see on the big screen from the Star Wars EU ? for me I would like to see Starkiller, Juno, Proxy and General Kota from the Force Unleashed, what about you guys ?


    Durge and Captain Fordo


    My knowledge is limited to the books…but Revan and Joruus C’baoth are two that come to mind


    I don’t think I have the time to really make a proper list. This question is an essay waiting to happen. Sooooooo, I’ll go top 3 with brief reasons for now.


    1: Mara Jade (Skywaker)…duh. This is an easy one, because who would not want to see Mara come to life? She is a gigantic figure in the EU, basically being there and part of the reason, if you ask me, the EU was so successful in the beginning. We were happy to see our old friends, but then here is Mara injected into the mix right away, and she was electrifying with her story and background as the Emperor’s Hand. She instantly made it true that the EU was capable of creating new characters to play alongside the classic favorites.


    2: Jacen and Jaina Solo. Again, an easy one. The story of the EU can easily be characterized as their story. We watched them both grow up into their eventual pivotal roles in the over all story of the EU. They grown and chance in magnificent ways to their final forms, that it would be a joy to watch that journey, despite knowing how it ends.


    3: I’m going broad with this one, because I feel there are too many to just pick one: The New Jedi Order. The EU spawned an entire cast of new Jedi for us to enjoy and get to know, while legitimizing some old favorites like Kyle Katarn. One of my favorite scenes of all time in the EU is in Apocalypse where Luke is having a council meeting with all his Jedi Masters…and they are having a mock duel in the process! That was so much fun to read. Seeing all of them interact in at the height of the Abaloth crisis in that fashion….that was good story telling.


    I’m going to 2nd Mara Jade but also add Corran Horn & Jaden Korr.


    They’d probably ruin any character they have, but I’ll say Tag and Bink


      I don’t want anything Star Wars till Disney sells it or stops being woke feminist.


      I think we all agree with this.

      I like to think we’re talking about the world where Lucas didn’t sell, and we are about to start the novelizations of Cade Skylwalker’s adventures, and someone was smart enough to just start animating the EU instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.


      HK-47, Cindel, and that little speedster shit from the second Ewoks movie.



      I’d be happy with any of the EU being made canon in its original form. But, as far as specific characters, here’s my list.

      Darth Bane (not just Sith spirit form)

      All the KOTOR Characters, but Revan specifically

      Jaina and Jacen Solo

      Mara Jade and Ben Skywalker

      The Yuuzhan Vong as an entire race, not a specific character


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      I would love to see a live action Star Wars movie set in the Clone Wars starring Ewan McGregor.

      Just my fan musings here about it, but the movie starts off with General Grievous conquest of Duro and Alderaan looks to be next. A common thread is that Durge infiltrated each planet and weakened it’s defenses. In the old Clone Wars EU General Grievous forray into the Mid Rim ending with his conquest of Duro was known as Operation Durge’s Lance so it gives credence to the name. So Obi wan is tasked in the movie with stopping Durge from making Alderaan the Separatists next target. This adds some significance to when Leia says that Obi wan served her father in the Clone Wars.


      The Solo kids. Jacen and Jaina and then Anakin. I took a strong liking to their stories when I was younger. Thrawn is a must as well.


      Not ever going to happen but, Cade Skywalker with Darth Krayt would be pretty darn epic!


      I want to see Thrawn. Not the budget clone we got in Rebels but the villian with actual presence that resonates from the thrawn trilogy. After seeing all the pathetic excuses for military officers in the likes of Pride and Hux, I want to see Thrawn nearly crush the New Republic, making the payoff of his extremely improbable defeat that much more impactful. He is the type of villian you kind of want root for, even though it feels wrong. Thrawn is a great example of the cliche “a story is only as good as its villian” being so apt. Sadly we are never going to get it.

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