What characters would you like to see on the big screen from the Star Wars EU ?


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    Mara Jade





    I’d love to see a badass Live Action version of Darth Malgus on the Big screen. Since the Old republic (have not played those yet), malgus has easily been one of my favorite Sith lords of all time. 2nd place overall to Anakin Skywalker. One of the most ruthless and feared sith warlords of all time. Pls make this happen (if it’s possible). Darth Malgus on the big screen would definitely hype me up.



    EU characters should stay in the EU and disney characters should stay in disney canon


    Anything from the old republic as long as they don’t disfigure and ruin it. As everyone else mentioned her, Mara Jade. Personally it pissed me off that we never got to see a jedi Leia or at least her in training. The twins. And not going to lie, I would both love to and hate to see a plagueis adaptation. It is my favourite of the EU (closely followed by the Kotor storylines I.E REVAN and Malak etc and then the OG Thrawn trillogy) but I know there are very few people who could do it justice without ruining it. But in the perfect situation I think an adaptation would be incredible.



    I always wanted to see Kyle Katarn on the big screen. But if I really had to pick someone, Dash Rendar. Disney really screwed up in their data mining of the EU. I would like to see Steve Perry come in and do a screenplay adaptation of his novel, Shadows of the Empire and we get either a Clones Wars style animated movie or a 13 episode series adaptation. After which, a new movie series could be done with Dash and it wouldn’t hurt any of the original movie canon and since his only canonical appearance (since Disney’s take over) was the book A Solo Story: Tales from Vandor, Disney would have more freedom in developing the character without much risk of screwing him up (though they probably would anyway).

    Plus it would be nice to see Xizor and his rivalry with Vader played out on the tv.


    Under Disney none otherwise all the chars from Republic Commando books


    Definitely Holdo.

    I don’t just want to see that she’s magically better than all men, but also how she built up her strength to BECOME better than all men. I think a 10 part series, starting on some outer rim world where Young Holdo (still known as Karen back then), rises up not only to fight the patriarchy but to win. I think Billie Eilsihishisish or perhaps Emma Watson could play an almost anthropomorphic Karen, starting life as a lowly Bantha hair weaver who has aspirations of making all men pay for they sins and stupidity.  After being asked one too many times to “make me a sandwich” in the local cantina, she flips out and beats her friendly boss to death with a golf clu ……. er …… gaffi stick. After finding love with another anthropomorphic whamen (who is turned on by her man hating), she starts to climb the agendabender ladder. Through hard victimhood crying and agenda driven tactics, she is the worlds overlord by the mid-season finale. I don’t know how the second half of the season pans out because the writers have all been fired for being scummy men.





    comm bin


    Mara Jade, just as long as Disney’s not doing it…


    It would be cool if they made a TV series about those two.


    If the rat sells off the IP and Lucas purges all of the filth from his domain The entire EU is a goldmine of amazing characters.


    Exar Kun comes to mind. Tales of the Jedi is still my favorite EU.


    Legends Grevious was the best.


    Assuming you can trust the studio to do it proper justice the it would be the following;-


    Adaptation of the new jedi order book series so Jacen and jaina


    Kotor era with Darth revan and crew


    Kyle katarn and the real story of how the death star plans were obtained

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