What games are you hyped about?

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    I really enjoyed my Playthrough of Pokemon: Legends Arceus. Not perfect, but definitely a step in the right direction.

    The game I’m most excited for this year is Bayonetta 3. I’ve loved that franchise since the first game. Also looking forward to Elden Ring, and curious about Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, but it being made at Ubisoft has me a bit dubious about it being executed well. I’ll wait and see on that one.

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    Dishonored. I recall the release of the first trailer. I was only able to focus on how awesome the powers appeared to be and how brutal the game was. Then the gameplay began, which only added to my excitement. I fell in love with the game as soon as it was released, and I still enjoy playing it a lot. Also love to play GTA 5 with mods.

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    I have high expectations for God of War Ragnarok. First one was brilliant.

    Other than that a casual interest in whatever Capcom are brewing up. Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 4 Remake. Dragons Dogma 2 if they ever get around to it.

    And Red Alert 2 Remastered, should it ever happen.

    Finally there’s been rumors of Starcraft 3. That would make my day.


    I got my eyes on God Of War: Ragnarok, Sonic Frontiers and the lesser known Valkyrie Elysium. I also hear that Dead Space is getting a remake next year, but I don’t trust that it’ll be any good.


      It’s been awhile now.

      I played and completed Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5, and enjoyed the living hell out of it. It really got fixed, a lot. I couldn’t deal with it before all the fixes. I waited. It’s still not perfect, but it is fixed enough to enjoy now and looks and runs 100 times better than it did before. And btw: Holy crap is Judy Alvarez hot.

      I just started playing Tower of Fantasy since it just came out. But, it is not on console (yet?) and I can’t run it well on my PC.

      I’ll probably get GOW Ragnarok. Though, I actually need to go and replay and finish the first game. I only got half way through or so.

      I got Stray coming in the mail next month. I got the physical special edition, but it doesn’t ship until Sept.

      I just got Deliver Us The Moon, and Deliver Us Mars is coming early next year.

      Resident Evil 4 is coming too.


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      God of War Ragnarök. Absolutely. I just started playing God of War on live stream for the first time and am absolutely loving it. Once I finish it I am hoping to go back and play the earlier games.

      Also Hogwarts Legacy. But I am more hyped about this game because of the tears that are going to flow once this game comes out ^_^


      You stream? Where can I find you?


      Yeah, besides God of War Ragnarök, there’s nothing else to be excited about.

      Gotham Knights will be disappointing, maybe worth a couple of hours but then it will get boring and it’s a loot game, so people won’t be very happy with that style.

      There’s nothing else worth mentioning really…

      I’m just waiting for the remastered version of  The Witcher for PS5.


        Looking forward to the next iterations of Cyberpunk.  I know that game had a rocky start but I very much enjoyed it once it worked well.  I love a fun and good story.  So now they have announced a sequel I am pretty excited.


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          Looking forward to the big Witcher 3 next Gen update on Dec 14th!

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            @Vknid : Ya, but will it make the gameplay better? I doubt it. I have given Witcher 3 a try three separate times and I hated the combat controls to the point where I stopped playing. The movement is sloppy as hell imo. So, I don’t have a high opinion of that game like everyone else seems to.

            I finished Cyberpunk on PS5 with all the updates and patches months back, and I can say I enjoyed the hell out of it. Really glad waiting a year fixed the game.

            I got God of War Ragnorok, but I still need to finish the first game before I start playing it.

            I have been playing Gotham Knights. It has it’s fair share of issues, but still have moments of enjoyment. I think they did an excellent job with the characters and their story as well as interactions. But, it is a game that seems like it’s direction went 4 different ways in development. I think the game needed 6 months more development time for many reasons. The city is nowhere as well done as Batman Arkham Knight, a game that came out 7 years ago. It’s a bit astounding how a game that is 7 years old has better atmosphere and water mechanics than this new game.

            I ordered a special edition of Stray, since it was a physical copy, so waiting for that to ship so I can finally play it.

            Don’t know if I’ll get Callisto Protocol or not. Or the Dead Space remake. On the fence there.

            I pre-orderd Samurai Maiden for PS5. https://youtu.be/UqntNUFZ4o0

            Dead Island 2 got delayed three months, I had that pre-ordered too.



              No, it is just a graphics update.  The game is the same.  I loved the Witcher 3.  But I am a sucker for a good story.  I don’t need fancy gameplay or controls.  So I enjoyed it just fine. This is merely a great excuse to play it again.  It was a gorgeous game then so post update it should be fairly stunning.  These are the same reasons I am playing through CyberPunk again as well.

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