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      In this thread show off your newest aquisitions of games for Nintendo systems, and hardware too!

      My newest game is the physical standard edition of Gunlord X that NGDEV sells on their website (limited quantities), luckily they are in my country so no import taxes.


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        I did bought Zelda BotW digitally although i have it on WiiU. Cant wait to play it again before BotW2


        I just picked up Star Link for $15 on sale and damn, it’s like a proper Star Fox sequel we never got.


          Oh wow that really went down in price, might pick it up too now.


            Most recent purchase is Animal Crossing New Horizons and I obviously love it



            FF7 Remake, deluxe edition was the most recent game I purchased.


            The game is incredible and I can’t fanboy enough about it. best game I have played in this generation. Its so fun and the music is perfect.


              A Switch with Pokémon Sword. I work so much though that I haven’t even played it yet.


              Last game I picked up is Xenoblade. 20200529_151405~01


              I recently bought Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it is really good but HONESTLY, it is a lot more boring than I expected it to be.
              I also bought DOOM Eternal, a post Hilary Clinton Apocalypse. What you don’t believe me that Doom Eternal is the Post Hilary Clinton Apocalypse, here is the Proof, Chicago in the future:

              (you triggered, you lose :P )


              I would love a remake or HD/4K remaster of Xeno Sage 1-2-3 & as an added bonus XenoGears, some of my favorite games.


              Jeremy!  I just signed up after I found out you got suspended on Twitter. F* ’em. lol I can’t picture you playing this lol, but I am glad you are enjoying it.


              I know right! I like Aerith so much more in the remake than in the original FF7


              Recently got Animal Crossing. I hope a Metroid Prime collection gets announced soon


              Sadly Katsuhiro Harada of Bandai Namco back in in Dec said a remaster of Xenosaga 1-3 isn’t going to happen because it failed their “Profitable market analysis.” Those games would need some QoL improvements as well (especially XS2) so they probably don’t want to put in the work for it.

              Xenogears is on Square Enix and knowing them, they probably lost the source code for it. They lost a lot of source code for their games during that time.

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              A.I. The Somnium Files and Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition (got the Australian version of the collector’s edition). I missed out on the original Wii release of Xenoblade, but I immediately jumped on the New 3DS version and completed it soon after its release.

              For now my plan is to finish Somnium Files, then XCDE, then finally get back to finishing Xenoblade 2 and Torna (which I had long put on hold as too time-consuming after I went back to studying my Bachelor’s Degree).

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