What games did you buy recently?

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    When that extra money came in, I bought myself (and wife) a lot of games, and most of them on the Switch.

    ( *= Downloaded)

    – *Sonic Mania

    – *Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    – Atari Classics Collection (I have buyer’s remorse on this)

    – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    – Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

    – *Breath of the Wild

    – Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics

    – *Word Search by POWGI

    -*Lego City Undercover

    PlayStation 4:

    Spider-Man (special edition)


    Fire Pro Wrestling

    Doki Doki Literature Club (DON’T ASK!! :D )


    Both Astral Chain and Xenoblade 2 are great games. Hope you enjoy them!


      Thank you for supporting the website! Animal Crossing is a fun, yet innocent and relaxing game. I mainly just do a lot of fishing lol


      Animal Crossing! Just made it to the credits so I’m excited to really do major changes. I am thinking about getting FF7 remake or BOTW next!


      I just picked up Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition and Shantae and the Seven Sirens. I’m really excited to get into them!




      YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS GET The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!!!


      most recent games, Burnout paradise, Oddworld strangers wrath, Outer world’s, Xenoblade chronicles definitive edition and Spirit of the north.


        After enjoying the demo I bought the Early Access version of Little Witch Nobeta on Steam

        I also got the Homeworld Remastered Collection (has Homeworld 1&2 in both Remastered and Classic versions) for Steam which is currently on sale on Fanatical

        And the thing with Fanatical is that they often (always?) ask if you would like to add 2 mystery keys for 1,99, which I usually do (got me games like Injustice Ultimate Edition and Batman Arkham Asylum in the past, but of course there can be lots of cheap indie crap as well) , this time it got me State of Mind, and also Lust for Darkness which I sadly own already.


        The game is nearly perfect. Then on top of that with the materia system you can try out new combos every time you boot up the choose a level section.

        Just learned that if you use the twin stinger sword and self destruct linked to HP recovery you not only survive one use your limit gauge maxes out. The trick is supposed to work for all of the characters as they all have one weapon with reprieve as a power.

        Im hoping that in FF7r2 we get the rest of the party. Also rather hope they get it out faster than FF7r was. The announcement was 2013 or something?



        brilliant image.


        Samuraï Spirit 3CF8DBEFB-701F-4FBB-B187-4E961D13B1F2


        Picked up AC Odyssey and OC Origins, Forza Horizon Bundle with FH3 and FH4 (and all DLC). The Lego Harry Potter bundle and The Hunter 2019 is on sale for the XBox and I’m looking at grabbing those.


          An online store in my country already ships the physical edition of The Wonderful 101 Remastered so I ordered one for Switch as soon as I heard about it



          Digitally I bought the Portal 1&2 Bundle on Steam.

          Also Fanatical’s current flash deal is Blood: Fresh Supply for less than a dollar, this time the 2 mystery keys I added gave me Demigods and Better Late Than DEAD, oof lol.


            My most recent game was Resident Evil 3 remake Collectors Edition. I love the old games and both remakes.

            I also am NOT a fan of the RE7 and wont be getting RE8 either. I don’t like the forced first person perspective for RE games. I absolutely hated RE7, never finished it.



              I just bought: GTAV, Graveyard Keeper, Torchlight III, Fallout 4, Wargroove, Tales of the Neonsea, Witcher 1 & 2, and a few other games.

              Blessed be Gabe and the Summer sales 😂


            Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 138 total)
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