What games did you buy recently?

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      Since it has been a long time since I played the 1st on Xbox 360 and the online store I went to to get 2 had Origins still in stock for a decent price (most places it’s sold out or costs more than 2) I decided to get both.

      Digitally I got:

      Anima: Gate of Memories  (Steam) sale
      Anima: Gate of Memories – The Nameless Chronicles  (Steam) sale
      Hue  (Epic) free

      Armillo  (Steam) free

      The Escapists 2  (Epic) free
      Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition  (Epic) free
      Killing Floor 2  (Epic) free
      Waifu Uncovered  (Steam) sale


        DP2 released?!
        Holy shit, I thought it was a couple months out still.
        *Quickly, goes to Amazon*.


        Still haven’t quite gotten around to finishing Somnium Files and starting Xenoblade Chronicles as I had planned, but since I saw an opportunity to get Catherine: Full Body new for a relatively decent price, I jumped straight onto that.

        While I don’t plan to play through the main story any time soon, I was determined to finally beat at least the Altar stage of Babel mode, something which I never did on the original PS3 release of Catherine.

        A 9:59 minute finish isn’t exactly spectacular, but I’m pretty happy with it.


          Be prepared for a bunch of unwanted identity politics and censorship added in the remaster of a game about a straight male’s love triangle.
          Almost everything added was added for the sake for the sake of identity politics.


            Oh, I think I regret DP2, it’s kinda a mess, not the good kind of mess as the 1st game but just a mess, and the 3rd person shooter parts are BORING, you only have a gun that shoots rubber bullets (and apparently that’s all you get, which explains why this one is PEGI16 while Origins is PEGI18) and everything dies so quickly, even bosses. And I feel like they bruteforced some SJW shit into York’s script as well…

            Yeah 1st game this year I regret buying, hope it’s the last one.


            Lots of people are always asking for achievements on Nintendo systems, but one of the reason I kind of like not having them is that I can set my own rules for how I engage with the game, and never have to worry about my account telling me that “Hey, you didn’t get XYZ trophies on this or that game.”

            If I find the game’s new contents to be too on the nose with ID politics, I can just go “nah”, and sell it off. And especially since I got the game at a decent price to begin with, even if I sell it I won’t have made a big loss.


            I bought shadow of the tomb raider and infamous: second son.


            nier : automata , some action at times was fun, few hard boss fights with constant dodging but overall a game that i am not too bothered about to play again, the soundtrack was good , the ending was disappointing as well , for hack and slash it defo action-wise is decent , the storyline had moments it lured me in then it just became really cheesy/ cringe at times especially near the end, meh


            Boy do I feel left out.

            Guess part of my issue is that my PC is work-related built, not gaming made.


            As such, the last GAME I was able to get was The SimCity Box

            SimCity Box

            My PC can’t even accept Cities Skylines – it is not strong enough to run it.  :(


              Ghost of Tsushima


              BotW along with a Switch. More recently, Ghostbusters and Animal Crossing.

              And Holy Prom King Batman, we really need some thread pages to space out the number of comments. This is a popular thread.


              darksiders 2, was free on ps now , maybe better than the first …maybe..


              Far Cry 3

              Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

              Deus Ex GOTY (I use the Revision mod instead because it’s better)


              Recently got Final Fantasy 9 on Steam during the summer sale. I had it back in the day, and despite being the best quality FF game on the PS1 I never did beat it, so going to give it another go.


              Bought Mafia II Definitive edition and Pre-Ordered Mafia I Definitive edition.

              I wanted physical for collection but oh well….

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