What happens if we go to Mars and we find intelligent life there? 

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    Okay, imagine a scenario in the very near future where Elon Musk actually fulfills his promise to get people to Mars by 2026.

    Elon has built the rockets, got the thousands of volunteers ready to leave Earth forever to head to the red planet to have more freedom than on Earth which continues to get more authoritarian as we can see from current world poltics.

    The colonists in many long months get to Mars then land on the surface and start building settlements but a couple of months go by and the colonists on Mars find out….they aren’t alone?

    As the colonists try to build their settlements, a bunch of aliens who are humanoid in appearance like us in that they have two legs, two arms and a head, who stand about 8 to 9 ft tall but look nothing like us Humans…attack the settlement.

    The colonists can’t understand what these aliens are saying as their language sounds something that can’t be spoken by any Human tongue as we Humans lack an organ these creatures have that we don’t.

    The colonists would realize quickly that these aliens……..are the indigenous Martians of Mars and don’t take too kindly to strangers from another world trying to build a colony on their land no matter where it is on the planet.

    The native Martians are primitive in their technology and use Stone Age level technology which wouldn’t be a match for the settlers’ advanced firearms but the native Martians are far bigger and stronger than any Human laser gun or not.

    Elon Musk is there with the colonists and sees these native Martians charging at his settlement and he is as shocked and surprised as the colonists to see these creatures with his own eyes?

    It was always a dream for not just Elon Musk to get to Mars to build a home there but also a dream for his thousands of Mars colonists under his charge to guide and protect them.

    My question is…what would Elon Musk and his colonists do?

    Elon Musk never says anything in his interviews of what happens if he and the colonists get to Mars and they encounter native Martian lifeforms there that is both highly intelligent and dangerous?

    All I ever hear Elon Musk say about going to Mars is that it would have to be a direct democracy for things to get done like building a Human settlement but….what would Elon Musk and the colonists do if they came up against some pissed off Martians that want the colonists off their planet?

    Elon Musk and his colonists can’t leave Mars as it was a one way trip with fuel to get to Mars but no fuel to get back to Earth. Also even if Elon and his colonists go back to Earth they might lose any chance of getting the freedom they desire that Earth is greatly lacking at this time which is why many risked going to Mars in the first place.

    Also being on Mars is the only way for Humanity to survive as scientists said that we Humans had to become a two planet species, because Earth doesn’t have enough resources for our growing population.

    So Elon Musk and his colonists desperately need to be on Mars for Humanity’s continued survival and freedom for Humans that want individualism but they would have to fight these Martian natives to get it which could lead to the native Martians going extinct if the Humans on Mars get too desperate for our own survival and needing a new planet that is free and less authoritarian than Earth?

    What would Elon Musk do? He is a smart guy but would he be the type of genius to think of a way of eliminating the Martians of Mars to near extinction to give us Humans that planet that has true freedom?

    Or would Elon Musk find a way to successful communicate with the native Martians and come to some kind of agreement that would benefit both parties?

    What do you guys think?



    I don’t know man.

    I… I just don’t know.


    I think it’s so cool he’s trying to put people on Mars, though I’m pretty certain they aren’t going to find any intelligent life there.



    We could finally get a good version of Mars Attacks



    I think it depends on how aggressive the martians would be. If they really are primitive, I think there’s only one thing to do: Build a wall! Build a wall!
    And let the martians pay for it.


    Cute list of what if shit.

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