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    Just a silly question to all of you millennials and anyone who is a fan of the franchise out there, but what if back in Highschool you were along with a few other teenagers were chosen to be Power Rangers in a universe where the Power Rangers existed?

    If teenage me become a Power Ranger….I think there is a chance I would’ve been an evil Power Ranger at first but become a good guy later on as the season progressed.

    I often got bullied in school in my teens and if teenage me became a Power Ranger, I would’ve morphed into my ranger form and kicked the ass of all my Highschool bullies and given all my bullies a bad wedgie while I was in my ranger form and I’d get my zord to chase after all my bullies while the Bulk and Skull music played in the background out of nowhere.

    So if you arrived at my Highschool and hear the Bulk and Skull theme music playing and getting closer and a bunch of Highschool kids running away screaming about some giant metal creature chasing them…..you’d likely see my zord tailing them while snarling and screaming at them like a dog chasing some squirrels.

    Then you’d see me in one of my classes in my ranger form just relaxing as the teacher tries not to give me a bad grade or I’ll tell my zord to chase her next along with my bullies lol 😂

    I think if teenage me become a Power Ranger, my self esteem would’ve gone up but I’d kinda turn evil and get my zord which could be a dragon of some kind chase and scare all my enemies until they feared me and I’d rule my Highschool.

    And likely at some point some other teenagers who’d be the standard Power Rangers team of Red, Pink, Blue, Black and Yellow would show up to stop me and I being the sixth ranger would kick all their asses the first couple of encounters as some Ron Wasserman music played in the background showing how epic I was as the 6th ranger.

    And I would laugh evilly and say “Ha Ha you Power Rangers won’t stop me!!!!! I am unbeatable…I AM THE 6TH RANGER!!!!!!”

    And it would be like a whole several episodes until there is a resolution.

    And I would fight the Power Rangers again and defeat them so bad that the pink ranger would be forced to power down and I find out that she was the hot girl I had a crush in a few of my classes.

    And I start questioning why am I evil….I almost destroyed the hot girl who was the pink ranger the entire time.

    Then the Lord Zedd type character who was the one who gave me my ranger powers would take the pink ranger hostage and orders me to go back to the bad guy base with him.

    Then I am assigned to guard the pink ranger and make sure she doesn’t escape and at this time, the pink ranger wants to find out who I am along with her telling me that I don’t have to be evil.

    Then I lose my temper then say I have to be evil, it gave me power and I was no longer the weak nerd that everyone picked on.

    Then somehow the pink ranger figured out my identity and I power down infront of her and congratulate her on guessing who I was.

    Then the pink ranger gives me the typical….I sense good in you speech and you don’t want to be evil and I just don’t listen to her at first.

    Then then the Lord Zedd type character shows up with a monster and tells him to destroy the pink ranger and I should go away. Then it is here when the monster is about to kill the pink ranger that I decide to turn against the Lord Zedd type character and I fight the monster that was about to destroy the pink ranger and I end up saving the pink ranger.

    From there the pink ranger morphs into her ranger form and we defeat the monster together then escape.

    The pink ranger and I fight some overwhelming hordes of henchmen while some Ron Wasserman song plays in the background and the other Power Rangers show up.

    The other Power Rangers still think I’m evil then attack while the pink ranger begs them not to attack me. I get into a fight with the red ranger then another monster shows up about to attack us both as we fight but the pink ranger tries to stop the monster only to get blasted by the monster and she powers down again into her civilian form and his helpless again.

    I see her in trouble and run over to fight the monster and the red ranger gets confused why I am now protecting his team mate?

    I fight the monster but he manages to hit me so hard I power down and the red ranger along with the other rangers see that I am the formerly nerdy guy who got picked on in school who then became over confident and a jerk.

    Then the red ranger shows up and saves me along with the pink ranger and all the other rangers realize I am on their side now.

    Then I along with the rest of the rangers leave the bad guy base of the Lord Zedd type bad guy while the red ranger like a badass fights the monster on his own.

    We get out and the pink ranger looks at me and I look at her…we feel something for one another then both blush.

    Then we both turn around as the red ranger is thrown out of the bad guy base. The monster he was fighting is about to destroy the red ranger but I morph then run over and help him with the pink ranger behind me who also morphed.

    The 3 of us manage to beat the monster with team work and the monster screams like a crazed SJW over an election and we turn our backs as he explodes.

    Then I and the 5 other rangers reunite, and we cheer for our victory then….before we can cheer future….the monster behind us grows big and we call in our zords.

    The other Power Rangers combine their zords to build their Megazord and then I call in my zord as my 6th ranger theme plays in the background and we combine our zords to form the omega awesome megazord or something…..and we kick the monster’s ass and he explodes as we turn the megazord’s back.

    Then later we all go back to the Highschool where I and the other rangers are all in our civilian identities and I learn that to be a Power Ranger I can’t use my powers to become a bully even though I was bullied before. That I had to use my ranger powers to protect the innocent and weak and that I had a place with the Power Rangers on their team who were my friends now.

    And the pink ranger smiles at me and I smile at her and later on as I go on more adventures with the Power Rangers……the pink ranger and I…..kissed then we became romantically involved.

    Then later on the red ranger of the team will leave to go to college or something along with some of the team….and only the pink ranger and I remained.

    Then the rangers that left the team would get replacements and the Zordon type mentor would look at me and tell me how I grew as a person from being a jerk and a bad guy ranger at first to becoming a guy good in the end.

    Then I along with the pink ranger and the ranger replacements, we get new Power Ranger powers and I become the new red ranger and leader of the team.

    We have a bunch of adventures as a new version of the Power Rangers then the original red ranger comes back and now he is the 6th ranger with his own theme song.

    We then defeat the new bad guys of this season then we all quit being Power Rangers for a long time because all the bad guys are dead now.

    And I end up marrying the pink ranger, after we graduate college together, we have a son and when he became a teenager…he becomes the new red ranger of a new team of Power Rangers and I come back as the black ranger and mentor of the team helping my son and his team of rangers from time to time fight monsters in his power rangers season.

    And my wife would come back too as a mentor ranger and be the purple ranger. So my son and his team plus my wife and I defeat the bad guys of his Power Rangers season.

    Then afterward I along with my family are no longer Power Rangers as the bad guys are all dead again and I only come back from then for a few crossovers and guest appearances here and therecalong with a comic book tie in.

    And that is what I would be like if I was a Power Ranger, as ego centric and fan fiction to the extreme my story is lol 😂😀

    I would love to hear all about your stories of what if you all become Power Rangers, I am interested in reading it.

    Just a fun creative exercise.










    If i were a Power Ranger, which Ranger would i be??

    I won’t lie, i like being the leader, so i would love to be the Red Ranger 😁 But on a more modest tone, i’m not sure i’m responsible enough to lead all the Rangers in battle, i’m quite hot headed 😅 Maybe co-leader? My favorite color’s blue, so maybe Blue Ranger, i’d be second in command and still be able to lead the group if it’s a situation i’m best suited for, while still having the leader to keep me grounded. Or option 3, Black Ranger, as much as i like being the hero and helping others, i’m also quite dark, not a full on evil Ranger, but a bit of an anti-hero, who needs to learn over time how to work with the other Rangers. And my Zord would be a tiger, ’cause i love cats 🐯

    I would’ve morphed into my ranger form and kicked the ass of all my Highschool bullies and given all my bullies a bad wedgie while I was in my ranger form

    🤣🤣🤣 Nothing to do with Power Rangers, but if i were a Jedi, i’d definitely be giving a lot of force wedgies 😁😂🤣


    @DigiCat Maybe we’re on the same Power Ranger team and you were the one that replaced the previous blue ranger when I became red ranger after the original red ranger left then the rangers got new ranger powers?




    If you were blue ranger you would be Tori Hansen the very very first female Blue Rangers on Power Rangers Ninja Storm 😀


    😸 I remember watching Ninja Storm when i was in primary school!

    The other Power Rangers series i remember watching are Wild Force (my favorite), Time Force, S.P.D., Jungle Fury, Samurai, Dino Thunder, and later in highschool Megaforce and Dino Charge



    For me Ninja Storm was the last Power Rangers season I watched as a teenager in 2003 when I was 13 years old in middle before I had to stop watching to avoid getting bullied in school. I worried my bully in middle school Faysol was gonna find out I watched Power Rangers Ninja Storm so I stopped watching to avoid subconsciously saying anymore things related to Power Rangers.

    I was in class and a teacher asked us to name 2 colours and I said Navy and Crimson which were also two rangers in Ninja Storm then that jerk Faysol hears me saying it then turns and looks right at me and asks me mocking did I watch Power Rangers Ninja Storm? This asshat was already bullying me for so much already and I just didn’t want him to mess with me any further and so I stopped watching Power Rangers in 2003 just to not accidentally say anymore things from Power Rangers to people in school like Faysol or be bullied further for liking Power Rangers.

    I really really wish I didn’t stop watching Power Rangers at that time because that was such a big part of my life and I had to give it up because a piece of shit like Faysol, I wish I kicked Faysol’s ass for being a dick to me in middle school. Not to sound childish but I sometimes wish I morphed into a Power Ranger and kicked Faysol’s ass sometimes for being such an asshole to me in middle school and being one of the reasons I had to stop liking a big part of my childhood…..also it would be humiliating for him to get his ass kicked by a guy in a Power Rangers costume he called stupid.

    God I hate that guy to this day, anyways it is all in the past now and the only thing that matters now is I like Power Rangers again as it is the escapism I desperately need in this age of wokeness.

    Maybe if I didn’t stop enjoying Power Rangers after 2003 my Power Rangers toy collection might be bigger now, god Bandai had some good Power Rangers toys that Hasbro just couldn’t do. Well I can hope for a time machine to be built in my life time so that I can travel back to the early 2000s to get the Ninja Storm Megazord and Dino Thunder Zord.


    Damn, humans are terrible 😿

    About Power Rangers toys, you don’t need a time machine to collect ones from older seasons (though having one would still be cool), they’re still quite resonably priced on ebay, also thrift stores, you never know what tresures you might find, and if a toy store looks run down, there’s a good chance it’s filled with old stock 🤖

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    I checked Ebay and it is very expensive just to get anything Power Rangers, also thrifts store in my area along with any store are all barred from selling non essential items and has been that way for the past few weeks and a possibility that it might stay this way for another couple of weeks.



    @Megazord_Jeremy When I came across this thread that you made…I couldn’t keep the silly grin off of my face.  I went through all of the Saban Era (90s kid here) and most of the Disney Era Rangers but stopped short of Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury (Boukenger and Gekiranger respectively);  I started with Gekiranger on the Sentai side.

    To be frank, I may have been bullied also during my younger years, but I definitely could see myself in both Billy and Jason but in different ways.  With Billy, I was smart and a bit shy. Jason was not only a good leader but also knew when to listen and take advice.  However…in terms of the actors themselves, I think I heard somewhere that ASJ was an introvert.  Surprisingly, so am I.

    Comparisons out of the way, I think it’s pretty clear where I stand on the Ranger spectrum since I pretty much gave obvious tells. While it’s nice to be a leader, I find myself more on the technical, analytical, strategic side of things. Observing the situation and then trying to formulate the best course of action.  However, as the former Supreme Commander of SPD once told Dr. Manx “There’s a time for talk, and a time for action”. Such is the case too when there’s a time to analyze and a time to think outside of the box (be unconventional).

    I did read the stupid article by Scholastic Magazine as a kid (yes, they existed during the 90s) and why did I know it was stupid? Because of what the assumption was from the parents and others around the world, including the government.  I guess in a way, I saw at a very young age (I was 5 mind you when the show aired) what others could not. The Rangers were a team, yes, they fought evil space aliens and piloted mechanical beings known as Zords.  However, their high school life was…for the most part…rough to a degree.  I mean they’re teens, it is always a chaotic time during those years. However, I knew that self defense was a last resort and that sometimes talking is a better course of action than fighting.  (While not related to Power Rangers, I have to quote Mark Dacascos’ character from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight: “Sometimes listening is harder than fighting.  A “true” warrior must do both”).  Some kids were smart in figuring out right from wrong, and others didn’t.  I recall back when they did those segments of teaching important lessons about life and how to resolve conflict.

    As for which side I would be on, it’s pretty obvious. As for color…that’s a tough one. Probably blue, green, or purple. Don’t get me started on the Zords. Probably something related to water supposedly or the air (the latter being a bit ironic even though I have a slight fear of heights).

    As for how I would have handled things during high school, I probably would have handled it more like Ethan did in Dino Thunder and in a way, the episode A Bully For Ethan sort of illustrates what I mentioned before about how to resolve a conflict. On top of that, I would have added “I’m going to give you choice.  You can either walk away and go about your business, or…I report you to the principal and give them the proof needed to get you in detention”. (Yeah, I have a bit of a dark side in me as well). However, while some may not use their heads, I always have to remind myself time and again, “The battle is more in the mind and heart than outside”.

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    @skyhOund28 @Digicat

    Well you, Digicat and I could be a ranger team since I think we might be the only 3 Power Ranger fans here on this website. I’ll get the dragon zord, Digicat gets a tiger and you said something water…so maybe a Shark?

    I am gonna get so pissed once the 6th ranger shows up and he isn’t me cause that jerk will get his own theme song and none of us will lol 😂😀



    I have seen a few Shark Rangers for certain. (Max) Wild Force – Gaoranger as well as a female one in Zyuohger (almost like a Minecraft feel on the Zords but simplistic on the suits), plus a Shark armament from Jungle Fury (Gekiranger) but an original Shark Ranger Master.

    Speaking of Rangers…while mine looks like SPD…I’ll tell you both right now…it’s an OC Ranger I’m working on.  I’m doing a crossover fanfiction project between Power Rangers and a non-Ultraman character that is under the same umbrella of Ultraman.  The only clue I’ll give is this particular point below.

    As if that wasn’t enough…I just think certain crossovers can sort of work if done well.  There’s a moment every time when someone asks my character “Who are you?” If you are familiar with Kamen Rider, especially Kamen Rider Decade…then you know the answer to that question.  Here’s my character’s answer in English but I know how to say it in Japanese.

    “I’m just a Space Detective passing through…and a Hyper Agent.  Remember that”.

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    If it was highschool me, I’d be another Quantum Ranger (that’s the one guy who voiced Vergil in Devil May Cry 3, right?). A solo guy, wanting to do things on my own, and being moody is a close description of who I was when I was 14-17.

    If it was now, I’d be hated by the Twitter mob and labeled a terrorist on the mainstream media.


    I did read the stupid article by Scholastic Magazine as a kid (yes, they existed during the 90s) and why did I know it was stupid? Because of what the assumption was from the parents and others around the world, including the government

    Now i want to know how stupid it was 😂

    I’ll take a guess, was it grown ups reeeeeeeing about Power Rangers being “too violent”??


    @Digicat Exactly.  There are likely videos somewhere on YouTube that bring it up.  Now…that being said…I’ve been on a bit of an analytical anti-SJW, anti-Wokeism Crusade of my own which I had to do in secret.  Now…granted, I’m going to have to eventually pick up that visual book of Power Rangers and then slowly break it down and work from there.


    @Digicat @skyh0und28

    Did you guys know in New Zealand they banned Power Rangers for being too violent all throughout the 1990s until 2011 when they decided to lift the ban? And in the early 2000s after Disney acquired the rights to Power Rangers…they moved filming…..to New Zealand and even had New Zealand cast and crew involved in production of Power Rangers all throughout the early 2000s when the ban was going on.

    So Kiwi Power Rangers actress; Emma Lahana (my current Power Rangers crush) who played the Yellow Dino Thunder ranger in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder worked on the show in 2003 in New Zealand that was then never broadcasted in her home country for being too violent….yet New Zealand at the same time shot Lord of the Rings there also around the same time…and were able to show that in their country?

    It makes no sense to me why Lord of the Rings which has people cutting off other people’s heads in the movie along with alot of blood that is way way more violent than Power Rangers can be broadcasted in New Zealand in the early 2000s but not Power Rangers?

    Like what was New Zealand smoking during the early 2000s?

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