What is it like to live in Texas?

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    So to all the Texans reading this, what is it like to live Texas? I am curious as I thinking about relocating there one day and I thought I would ask people living there what their experiences are like?

    1. First off what is Healthcare like in Texas?

    2. Is Texas safer than most blue states and other red states?

    3. Are taxes very low in Texas?

    4. Can you afford a house very cheap in Texas, I heard from someone that buying a mansion is cheap in Texas?

    5. Is life really like an episode of King of the Hill there in Texas? (I had to ask this question cause I love King of the Hill)

    6. Are people friendlier in Texas than other places in the USA? I hear Texans are very polite like are they more friendly than Canadians?

    7. Are Comic Cons awesome in Texas? I hear geek culture is awesome in Texas.

    8. Is it cheap to go on vacation to Mexico since Texas is right next to it?

    9. Is it true that the food is better in Texas? Legend has it Texans have the best food in all of America.

    10. How hot does it get in Texas in terms of temperature?

    11. Is finding any job easy in Texas?

    12. Why do they keep saying everything is bigger in Texas? What does it mean? Do Texans have Pym Particles or something?

    13. Do Texans care if you are vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    14. Are Texans as freedom minded as they say?

    15. Have you guys ever met Jason David Frank? He lives in Texas now.

    16. Do Texans get easily offended by jokes like the kind that Dave Chappelle would make or do most have a thick skin?

    17. Are Texans forgiving of social awkward people that act a bit like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory?  (Sheldon Cooper interestingly enough is from Texas)

    18. Is toy collecting very easy in Texas more than other places in the USA?

    19. Are there alot of attractive women in Texas?

    20. Are SJWs very few and nearly non existent in Texas?

    21. Is Texas the most American of all the states in the USA? I hear Texas is the definition of the American Dream.

    Those are just the questions I can think of now to ask Texans about Texas




    I think everything you just asked wholly depends WHERE in Texas you go. Just like it does in say California. They are such large states they have lots of different areas with different types of people and living situations.

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