What is the best Star Wars movie and why?

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    The best Star Wars movie to me is Empire Strikes Back.


    Literally anything not made by Disney


    Srsly though, Empire’s my favorite too. Revenge of the Sith might be a close 2nd.


    ROTS episode 3 all the way for me! It’s by far the darkest Star Wars movie and it ends with the galaxy at a very dark state, the good guys can’t and don’t always win.. It’s incredibly beautiful and emotional especially when you take clone wars season 7 into account..


    The First  one will allways be my Favorite, the second one my least Favorite, alltough i really Love the beginning of that Movie, the third one i think is just alot of  Fun, but nothing Special, the prequels i find them not  great, but also not bad, i do think Revenge of the Sith is verry entertaining, and the modern Trilogy, i don’t Like them one bit, i do Like Rogue One, not a briljant movie Afcourse, but far more better then the last Trilogy, that’s wat i think


    My least favorite one is either tlj, tros, or aotc.


      Return of the Jedi is the best because of the ewoks.


      I liked the ewoks.


      for me Empire and ROTS are tied at the top for different reasons, then in order ROTJ, New Hope, Phantom menace then AOTC. It pains me to put 2 at the bottom as it intruduces clone wars and the ultimate lads. Same with phantom menace, brings in so many awesome aspects and rewatching it after reading Darth Plagueis heightens it all the more. However when comparing the quality of the movies on their own for me they fall into the order litsted. I don’t count anything submitted by the mouse. The only thing that makes it into my personal head cannon are the mandalorian (maybe just season 1 depending on roumors on certain characters) and the 2 minute scene with vader from rogue one.


      I don’t have a favorite, all I have are two great films, Empire Strikes Back and Revenge of the Smith, Both great for different reasons


      Empire and Revenge of the Sith.


      For me it has to be The Empire Strikes Back. When Lucas made this he didn’t need to make it as self contained as A New Hope so he could leave plot threads dangling to keep us eager for the next film. Return of the Jedi reproduced the Death Star so it doesn’t have the same originality for me and it is also the only one of the original trilogy that I think is missing something. It needs us to see rebel troops landing on Endor when the shield was taken down to put an end to the claims that the Empire was beaten an army of Ewoks rather than the rebels who by that time had control of the air and space.

      The prequel trilogy got better as they went along in my opinion. The Phantom Menace was the weakest of the main saga films up to that point but it was still good and the trilogy built up to a good end with Revenge of the Sith but as a whole they suffer from us knowing how things will end.

      Disney should have stuck to anthology material. The less effort they put in, the better the results seem to be.


      Honestly, I go back and forth between ANH, ESB, and RotJ.  I loved ANH the most growing up… but when I got to my 30’s, ESB became my favorite.  Now in my 40’s, I really enjoy RotJ and the entire Jabba’s Palace scenes.  I still love all 3, but at different times it’s different things in each that really grab my attention!


      I really enjoy the jabba palace scenes too.


        I love all 3 original Lucas films.  I love the Return of the Jedi.  Luke saving his father, forsaking the dark side… brilliant.

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