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    I think Triple A Games will continue getting worse. The Last of Us 2 was a massive disappointment and with 2K announcing a price increase in their games, I think the next decade could be the worst we’ve had for the Triple A market.


    Very few companies like CD Projekt RED and Rockstar are pushing boundaries and trying to create new things. Technically ‘ The Last of US 2 ‘ did push boundaries but they got it horribly wrong. Too many companies with issues like bioware, naughty dog, bethesda, 343 industries, 2K, EA, Activision and others. I do not think any of the companies I just mentioned, at this moment have what it takes to deliver a memorable game.


    One of my favourite companies is Arkane Studios, and it looks like their done as a company, they don’t really seem interested in making a game better than Dishonored. The Indie Market might be the future of gaming.





    Wokeness in 90% of them


    I dont trust any of the developers right now except perhaps the Project red guys.


      “Entertainment will get much worse before it will get better again”



        When gaming went mainstream, normie’s became the target audience.
        AAA Gaming, overall, will never be great again.
        Luckily, there is tons of passion in the AA and indie scenes.


        Hard to say. At the rate things are I going, I’d almost want another video game crash to occur just so it could be purged of the woke virus – The Wokeivists would flee the industry like a desiccated corpse if the money dried up. Then maybe devs could start from scratch again.

        But as long as normies just keep buying shit, things will keep going as they are.


        The only AAA games released in the past year I bought were Doom Eternal and Code Vein (or would this be AA). Most AAA games don’t impress me enough to warrant giving up $60. I moved on from COD, Assassin’s Creed, and Battlefield years ago. Never wanted to buy sports games to begin with.

        I’ll likely stick more with games like TF2, Switch games, and other indie games that grab my attention for the time being.

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